August 2015 - Paint The Town Chic
Geo Printed Midi Skirt, Autumn Olive Boutique c/o | Mustard Tank, Golden Tote (received as a surprise in my tote) | Wrap Bracelet, Chloe + Isabel

Today I'm excited to share the first post in a new collaboration with Autumn Olive Boutique.  I fell in love with the cute and quirky prints Christina carries in her online store, and knew I needed to have some of them!

Shop online and take 25% off your purchase with code 'chic25'! 

A good midi skirt can be hard to find, but this gorgeous SugarLips skirt is so flattering.  I love where it falls my leg; the length makes me appear taller than I am (and I need all the help I can get in that department!)  The muted colors and the print are definitely great for fall!  I chose to play up the yellows with the top, but I would pair it with navy or white as well.

I threw on the moto jacket, which will be perfect as the weather cools.  But that doesn't look to be happening anything soon as we're in another heat wave right now, so that will stay in the closet for a little longer.
Remember this dress?  Autumn Olive Boutique also carries the coveted Butterfly dress, and there are still a few sizes available!  This is the perfect fall dress, so hurry and get yours now.

Hope you ladies love Autumn Olive Boutique as much as I do!

It's already time for another Ipsy review!  August didn't seem exciting at first glance, but I was pleasantly surprised by the items in my bag.  Let's start off with my favorite!

1.) Doucce Ultra Precision Eyeliner in Black
While I wasn't excited for the eyeliner at first (Ipsy sends out too many eyeliners!) I ended up loving it.  It's highly pigmented and felt rich and creamy as I applied it.  It was long lasting me for as well.  This will definitely become a go-to eyeliner in my makeup bag.  I've never heard of Doucce, so I'm excited to try more from this brand.  Looks like they have a full range of products!

2.) Hikari Cosmetics Lipgloss in Merlot
Finally a darker lip color in my Ipsy bag.  While I'm not the biggest fan of lip glosses, this is such a pretty color, especially for the fall.

3.) Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil
I love Argan Oil, and I'll pretty much try anything that may tame the frizz in my hair.  This oil definitely softened my hair and added some shine without feeling greasy.  This smells great too!  I think this is available in drugstores, so I will be looking for this the next time I'm out shopping!

4.) Marsk Eyeshadow Brush
This is a high quality brush that does provide a precise line!  I'm so-so on this because I don't wear eyeshadow that much, but I'm always looking to perfect a smokey eye, so maybe this brush will help!  

5.) Aila Polish in Mister Pookies
I'm always a fan of trying new polishes, especially ones that are all natural and non toxic.  This brand is another that I hadn't heard of but is intriguing me this month.  Aila has a fun collection of colors; I love that the names all have personal meaning to the founder.  I haven't tried this yet because I already have polish on, but you can be sure that I'll share a swatch on my Instagram soon!

I don't typically try to calculate the price of my Ipsy bags each month, but this really surpassed the $10 monthly fee for the subscription!  I'm impressed with the quality and the amount of full size items I received!  And it was a great mix of products.  I can't wait to see what brands will appear in next month's bag!

Today I wanted to share more about two beauty brands that we all know and love - Neutrogena and Covergirl.  I received samples of some of their newest products that are great for summer, but I can definitely see myself wearing these into the fall!
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush
The shade that I chose to test out was Bronzed, and it was the darkest of the blushes.  It didn't leave much color on my skin, but left a healthy sun kissed glow that could be built up slightly the more you apply it.  That being said, it did not provide the amount of color I wanted.  I think it would be better suited for lighter skin tones.  I will definitely be using this in my daily makeup routine to add a bit of color, especially over the winter, but I don't think I would purchase this again.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends Translucent Oil-Control Powder
The shade seen above is called Clean (10) and is one of three choices in this collection.  I love the Oil-control powder; it's provides a great finish over makeup or even without.  I need all the shine control I can get!  This will be staying in my bag for any emergencies!

Neutrogena has become my go to healthy makeup brand of choice.  I don't feel guilty using these on my face, and these products are great for daily use.  
Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation
This foundation has quickly become one of my favorites!  Finding something that has full coverage without feeling heavy and keeps me shine free all day can be hard.   This foundation makes a great summer option because it's light but still provides full coverage, but I will definitely be wearing this in the fall and winter as well.  I also love the matte finish, but still has a hint of glow.

Covergirl Outlast Longwear Moisture Lipstick
I've become more experimental with my makeup, and I'm definitely building up quite the lipstick collection.  The Covergirl Outlast shade I received was Red Revenge, a beautiful red with orange undertones.  I like reds but never feel like I can pull them off unless it's a special occasion.  In general I prefer colors that have rosy or purple tints-so this was a change.  After trying the lipstick on, I was so impressed with the color and the moisturizing qualities.  There was no drying at all and the color held on for a long time.  This is one shade of red that will make more frequently appearances!

See the full Voxbox review featuring these Covergirl products here!

Covergirl is one of my favorite drugstore brands!  It's trendy and classic at the same time, which makes it a staple in my makeup stash.  These are just the first products from the Outlast line that I own - but I will definitely be trying others!

Overall I was pleased with the results of these products!  Neutrogena and Covergirl brands that I grew up using and I'm glad to see them continuously come out with new products that fit into my lifestyle.  I'm looking forward to see what they come out with next.

Thanks to Crowdtap for the Neutrogena samples and Influenster for the Covergirl samples.  All opinions shared above are my own.
Nordstrom Rack Boho Dress (found in stores) | Dolce Vita Booties (sold out online, love these) | H&M Floral Headband (in stores but love this)

Last week I attended my first Diner En Blanc event!  It was so rainy out (hence the no photos from the actual event), but it ended up being a blast.  I'm already looking forward to next year's event.  So obviously today's post is inspired by Diner En Blanc.

I love a flowy dress and a great back.  This dress has both.  It was a random find at Nordstrom Rack, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with their selection of items!   This dress was not my final Diner En Blanc dress, but it makes such a great summer piece because of how light it is - I think I just prefer more structured pieces in general.

I also have to point out this adorable floral crown.  I found it at H&M when I was looking for a white accessory to wear for last week's event (do you know how hard it is to find white jewelry!)  It's such a fun piece which I will definitely be wearing again.  And I'm looking forward to getting another floral crown with some color.

And if anyone is looking to try a new fall nail color, I highly suggest grabbing Butter London's It's Vintage.  It's a rusty orange/red and beyond gorgeous, and you can see a little preview of it on that last photo!

The button front suede skirt is one of my favorite trends for fall.  They work now with wedges and tanks, but how cute will these be with tights and boots as they transition into colder weather!  I'm loving the variety of colors as well, but I'm really loving the red and the tan colors the most.  I can't wait to snag one of these for fall!

Fantastic Fawn Dress from Moxie Style (currently on sale!!) | Heels, old | Crossbody, old | H&M Tassel cuff, in stores

This dress is great for many reasons!  I love how light and airy it is, which makes it a great summer dress.  The hemline is fun and can be dressed up or down, and you can show off some fun shoes!  And of course I was drawn to the gorgeous colors.  The dress is very loose fitting, but because I'm so short, I needed to give it a bit of structure by adding the belt.  I bloused the top over the belt and loved the final look.  This will be a great brunch dress.  I would definitely add a jean jacket or a black moto jacket, but it's been way too hot to even think about wearing a jacket!

These shoes are a lucky find last year from a local Ross store!  I love the cutouts, and these are surprisingly comfy!

This dress came from Moxie Style, a clothing subscription.  Since it's newer, the company is still figuring out how to structure their tote system (but in the meantime, there are so many fun shopping opportunities and pretty clothes to be had.)  From my experience, they really care about customer feedback and take requests into consideration.  Check out the coveted butterfly dress, one of my requests, styled here.  I highly recommend checking them out!

Looks like most of us survived the APS sale, and without too much heartache!  I wanted to share my haul and some thoughts about how the sale went!  There's still about an hour left to shop, so head over and snag some goodies if you haven't already!

The Haul:
Most of these had been on my must buy list (that I really had to cut down before Monday!) so I'm really glad I was able to snag them.  Now I'm thinking about the few pieces that got away...

The Experience: 
  • The virtual line wasn't terrible!  I got in line at 8am and was in fairly quickly.  I did browse on my phone and made my first 2 Lilly purchases through my app even before I got in online.  My first order shipped yesterday and should be here soon!!!
  • The prices weren't as great as they have been in the past, but there were so many great deals to be had.  I found a few places to have cheaper prices, and my last order was from a signature store where the prices were less than corporate!  
  • I went in knowing there may be a chance of not getting some items.  If you really want something, don't wait for the sale.   
  • If you missed out on something you wanted, call around because there is a chance it might still be around!  Also check out the different selling groups on Facebook as well as Instagram over the next few weeks.
  • The next sale is around the corner, so now you're prepped and ready to go.  
I'm so excited to get my goods!  I'd love to hear about your favorite sale purchase below.

You may have heard of Influenster, a site where you have the chance to discover and review new products!  I was fortunate to have been chosen for the I Do Voxbox and I'm excited to share the products that I sampled in the box below!
Pink box of fun! 
The goods!
Sahale Snacks Mango Tango Almond Mix
How did Voxbox know that I love Mango anything!  It was the luck of the draw, but this delicious snack mix was the perfect healthy on the go treat.  Looks like they have more delicious flavors too...

SkinnyGirl Nutrition Bar in Dark Chocolate Almond and Coconut
I can't believe how delicious this bar was.  Based on previous experiences, I'm afraid of trying nutrition bars.  But this is definitely not your typical health bar.  The flavor I got was very decadent and satisfied my sweet tooth.  I can't wait to get these bars again.
Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation
Covergirl is a staple in my makeup stash and this foundation did not disappoint!  Even from the bottle you can see the luminous shine that adds the perfect summer glow!  This went on smooth and kept me oil free (which is a must for me!)  I also love that this is lightweight and definitely what I'm looking for in the hot weather!

Covergirl Outlast Lipstick in Red Revenge
Again, another Covergirl product that will get a lot of use.  This is such a beautiful shade of red with orange undertones that will be flattering for many skin types!   It was long-lasting and didn't dry out my lips at all.  Looks like this line has a great selection of fall lip colors too, so check them out.  And if you want to see the shade, head over to Instagram to see the color in action!
Neutrogena Hand Cream
This Neutrogena hand cream is a classic and one of the best hand creams out there.  This will get more use in the winter, but it's nice to have around all year.  It gets rid of dry skin quickly and I like that this has no scent.

Urgent RX Ache & Pain Relief To-Go 
This is the one product that I have not yet tested, but I know will come in handy at some point. This is a fast acting powder that comes in fruity flavors and relieves all kinds of pain.  Love that this packaging makes it easy to keep in my purse for emergencies (and you don't need water to take it!)  I'm so glad this product was included in the Voxbox!  

Indeed Labs Nanoblur
This was the product that intrigued me the most from this box!  I'm always looking for the best and newest skin perfecting product (to get rid of pores and oily skin) and this definitely fit the bill!  The nice thing about Nanoblur is that you can use it without makeup, or over liquid foundation!  This kept my makeup in place all day, which was impressive.   Looking forward to making this a part of my daily routine now!
This box contained an amazing mix of products that can be incorporated into any lifestyle, whether you are getting married or not!  I do have friends getting married this year and will be sure to share these items with them!  Have you ever gotten a Voxbox?

All products shared above were sent by Influenster for testing purposes.  All options are 100% my own.
Is anyone else prepping for tomorrow's Lilly Pulitzer sale?!  I'm excited to snag a few goodies, but it seems like this year's sale is a whole new ballgame.  I have my list of wants ready but won't be disappointed if I don't get everything I'm hoping for.  From past experience and reading the new rules, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1.) Go for the section where you want the most goodies first.
Shorts and popovers tend to go quickly, so if you want those, add them first.

2.) If you absolutely want something, grab it and check out!
Items in your cart are not guaranteed!  Also new this year, there is no checking out and shopping further.  Once you check out, you'll have to get back in line.  This is how the Lilly tech team will be making sure the site doesn't get overloaded.

3.) Be sure to check the site often.
In the last sale, I snagged two additional dresses on the second day of the sale!  In the past there have been flash sales later in the afternoon as well.

4.) Signature stores and via stores also have sales.
If you miss out on your must-haves, check out some other stores that carry Lilly!  Not only are you supporting a small business, sometimes they price match or even have better prices and some have better customer service!

5.) Update your info online.
Being prepped makes checkout quicker!

I'm also sharing some must have items from the sale.  On the top are items that I currently own and love (the Briellas are so comfy, Elsas are an obvious, and What A Racquet has been my surprise print obsession!) and the bottom row are items I am hoping to get tomorrow!  I'm sure I'll change my mind many more times before the morning, so we'll see what happens.
Happy Shopping ladies!

Butterfly Dress from Moxie Style | Dolce Vita Fringe Booties from Nordstrom Rack (sold out online, but may still be in your local store) | H&M Fringe Cuff (in stores)

Today I'm excited to show off two of my most recent purchases that I am beyond obsessed with.  Finding these Dolce Vita booties was pure luck as these appear to be from a previous season.  I love the chunky heel and the peep toe; these will transition well into the fall!  I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of them over the next few months!  Since we're on the topic of fringe, the H&M Fringe Cuff above is adorable and a total steal at less than $6!  H&M is really on point lately.

The other special purchase was this dress.  I first laid eyes on it through Golden Tote, a clothing subscription that I like to partake in every now and then (check out some previous reviews here, here and here.)  Lately I've found GT to operate differently, mostly because their customer base has grown so quickly.  There are a few other reasons that make GT not as appealing anymore (nothing major that would stop me from buying a tote in the future) but that's not an issue because there are a few new players in the clothing subscription world that I can't wait to test out!

Moxie Style is the first subscription outside of GT that I've tried and so far I really, really like what it's all about.  My first mystery box was a curated set of 3 pieces including the butterfly dress seen above!  Al three were requests that were fulfilled!  I specifically ordered the tote for the butterfly dress, but I'm sure in the future I'll want some surprises as well.  The curators really look at your profile and choose pieces that work for your personality and preferences!  They are constantly improving their subscription based on feedback from the Facebook page, which means a lot as a customer!  Moxie Style recently came up with a new curated tote called Fame! (which I of course ordered) so I will share more on that process when my tote arrives in September.  Fall Fame! totes sold out in record time, but Moxie plans to offer it again in the spring.

Since I'm always looking to try new things, I would love to hear your experiences with clothing subscription boxes and your favorites below!

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