Since I've been blogging for a few months now, I wanted to share some fun facts about myself and my style must haves!

1.) I'm addicted to dresses.

Minis, maxis, and everything in between, I love them all.  I love all prints, colors and styles and am always on the lookout for the newest addition to my collection.  Apparently I've loved dresses since I was a little girl who refused to wear pants.  I guess some things never change...

A small sample of the dresses in my closet

2.) I love prints. 

 The bolder the print, I'm more I love it.  I'm always searching for the most unique prints that may be challenging to style.  Right now, I'm especially loving black and white prints that I can style with colorful shoes and jewelry!  And of course florals - which are necessary for the season!

A selection of my favorite prints right now

3.) My first job was silk-screening!

I've never had a "normal" teenage job.  My first job was at a museum and workshop where I learned how to silkscreen.  I designed my own pattern, screen printed it on fabric and learned about everything in between.  I think that experience really sparked my love of fashion and design.  Though I work in the event planning and marketing industry, updating this blog keeps me involved in the fashion world!

 Would love to try my hand at designing a print much fun!

4.) My favorite accessories are earrings!

I always love accessorizing with jewelry, but my favorite type is earrings.  Right now I can't get enough of statement earrings and love pairing them with fun prints.  As I look through my collection, it looks like I'm missing a few colors-I guess it's time for more scouting!

My recent acquisitions!  Can't wait to style them!

5.) I can't live without mascara!

While I like playing around with makeup, my day to day look is pretty minimal.  But I cannot leave the house with my go-to beauty product-mascara!  I'm always on the lookout for the best product out there (any suggestions ladies??!!)  I always have Maybelline Falsies on hand, but my new love is Benefit They're Real!  I also highly suggest a primer to go along with mascara; I use Dior and it hasn't steered me wrong.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Some of mascaras right now!

Thanks for reading!  I would love to read about your fashion fun facts in the comments below!