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I've always been a fan of embroidered details, but there's something about the embroidered denim trend that reminds me of my childhood!  I mean, the 90s are back, right?!  I'm especially loving the denim miniskirts, which are great for spring.  I collected a few of my favorite pieces below...

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Have a great week!

Guys, I tried hot yoga and survived to tell the tale!  And it was one of the best workouts I've ever tried.  I recently introduced you to CorePower Yoga in this post, but I wanted to report back after taking a class!  I checked out some classes at the Rittenhouse location in Philly.
First Impressions:

  • The people who work at CorePower Yoga are so friendly and welcoming!
  • The studios are intimate, which limit class sizes and allow instructors to offer adjustments on your form (with your permission of course!) 
  • The changing areas really are "spa-like" and are well maintained!
  • The boutique has the cutest workout gear and you'll want everything!

So, to get back to those classes...
My first class at Core Power Yoga was a C2 class (full list of classes here).  Of course, I studied the CPY site before my class but still wasn't sure what to expect.

C2 used typical yoga moves in a fast paced setting.  There was some heat added (95-98 degrees) and humidity was added at various intervals during the hour.  The heat was bearable, but the humidity was so tough.  There were both men and women from all levels of experience!
Yoga Sculpt was the second class I tried.  It is by far the best gym experience I've ever had.  This class combined yoga moves with weights.  I'm not a weight lifter by any means (and I mean not at all) so I was happy to find something that incorporated that.  This class also included moves that I haven't done since high school gym class (think jumping jacks and sit-ups!)  There was some added heat (92-95 degrees and I also believe some added humidity.)  There were all women in this class, and I highly recommend this butt-kicking workout for all yoga levels.  I will definitely be going back to CPY again just for this class.  

A quick note on my yoga experience.  I've been attending regular yoga classes for at least 4-5 years now, so I do have yoga experience.  That definitely helped in transitioning to hot yoga, though the lower level classes welcome yoga beginners.

Final Class Thoughts:

  • Unless you have any hot yoga experience, start with a C1 class.  Not going to lie, but as someone who wasn't used to heat and humidity, C2 was tough.  (I didn't pass out though.  I've heard so many hot yoga horror stories so I was worried about this!)
  • Wear moisture wicking clothes.  In my regular yoga class, I'll wear workout pants and a tee, but that will soak up sweat and will be uncomfortable.  (And believe me, everyone sweats!)
  • Bring a towel, or 2.  And a mat made for hot yoga.  CPY does have towel and mat rentals.  One nice feature is that towel rentals are free for the first class.  (I'm still looking for a hot yoga mat!)
  • CPY classes are way more fast paced than regular yoga.  (And they have the best playlists do I get those for myself!!)
  • Bring a huge bottle of water and stay hydrated throughout the class!

I mentioned above how impressed I was with the facilities.  Everything really was clean, well maintained, and so peaceful.

Where to Find CPY:
Lucky for my NJ readers, the Cherry Hill location just opened this month!  Other Philly-area locations include Rittenhouse Square and North Wales.  But there are over 160 locations around the US!

Have you tried hot yoga?  Let me know if you have additional tips below!

Images of the class is from CorePower Yoga.  Thanks to CowerPower Yoga for providing a class pass in exchange for this review.  All opinions shared above are my own.  

Enclothe Boutique Tee, old | Cardigan, old | Lauren Conrad Skinnies, old | Victoria's Secret Crossbody (love this for spring!)| ZooShoo Sandals

The weather this week has been so unpredictable, but the gorgeous 60 degree day we had earlier got me thinking about spring fashion!  I can't wait to get my spring wardrobe out of hibernation, but until then I'm stocking up on some new must haves.  One item I've been on the search for is a peep toe sandal, and this pair by Zooshoo just happens to fit the bill.  And it's the perfect transitional shoe!  I love the shorter chunky heel, which is makes it easier to get around quickly!  It is a bit uncomfy around the ankles, but I may have to break them in a bit.  I'm sure you'll be seeing more of these in the coming months...

My other favorite trend is raw hems.  I shared another pair of denim a few months ago (see that post here) and I'm loving the detailing on this pair as well.  Periwinkle also happens to be one of my favorite colors for transitioning into spring!

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I got these shoes from Zooshoo at a discount.  All opinions shared above are my own.
To find out more about my outfit details, check out this post!

One of my favorite places in the city is the Franklin Institute.  I've taken so many school field trips there as a child, celebrated a Bid Day for my sorority there, and planned an amazing party for a conference in their Planetarium also during college.  To this day I still enjoy going to the Franklin Institute and seeing their special exhibits, so I was thrilled when they invited me to check out the newest exhibit, Jurassic World!

The special experience starts from the minute you step into the exhibit.  Whether you're child or an adult, Jurassic World is something that you should definitely check out.  There's something for all ages to enjoy!  Of course, getting up close and personal with the dinosaurs in the exhibit will appeal to all audiences, but there are so many other interactive stations for learning as well.  There was also a humorous encounter with a dinosaur that you have to experience live!  Of course I loved all the photo opps throughout, and I shared some of them above!

About The Exhibit

  • If you loved the Jurassic World movie, or dinosaurs in general, this is a must-see exhibit!
  • Jurassic World runs through April 23 at the Franklin Institute!
  • The exhibit takes about 45-60 minutes to get through!
  • Tickets are $19.95 for adults and $14.95 for children (for the exhibit only.  Museum admission is extra.)  
  • Perfect for a unique date night this Valentine's Day!  Check out this link for more details, including a discount code!

I really enjoyed this exhibit.  Thanks again to the Franklin Institute for inviting me to enjoy Jurassic World.  I can't wait to find out what exhibit is next!

Special thanks to the Franklin Institute for providing me complimentary admission to the Jurassic World exhibit.  All opinions shared above are my own.
Enclothe Boutique Blouse c/o (get first dibs on this top by joining the Enclothe Facebook page!) | Lauren Conrad Skinnies, old | Zooshoo OTK Boots | BaubleBar Crispin Earrings in Multi | NY&Co Bag, old

Hey there loves.  I'm sharing a quick post on this humpday.  Today was an exceptionally nice day (I mean, 60 degrees in February, what!) so of course I had to take advantage of that by wearing my favorite new blouse.  It literally just arrived, so I didn't even have time to steam it!  This dusty pink floral blouse really appealed to my inner boho child, and I loved all of the details, especially that criss cross neckline.  And of course those bell sleeves...have I mentioned how much I love bell sleeves?!  It was so much fun to twirl around with those sleeves - you can see the movement in that last photo!

I paired the blouse with the black skinnies and OTK books, but I'm on the lookout for a blush suede mini (they are so hard to find - let me know below if you come across any!)  The blouse is a bit roomy, but I would still get your normal size (if you're in between sizes, size down.)  I got so many compliments on this blouse; it's definitely a must have for spring.  Make sure you're part of the Enclothe Boutique Behind The Scenes Facebook page to get first dibs on this top on Friday!

If you're wondering where these photos were taken, I visited the Jurassic World exhibit at the Franklin Institute today.  Be sure to check back for a full recap on the exhibit later this week!

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January flew by, but I couldn't let the month pass without sharing my Ipsy bag.  This bag was filled with a mix of beauty and skincare, which I was happy to see.  Let's take a closer look at the products...

I looove masks, especially when I encounter a new one.  Ipsy on been on a roll lately for sending me some great masks.  This one in particular is a mask and exfoliant made of all-natural ingredients such as bamboo, white clay, ginger and mushroom!  This gentle mask cleaned, purified, exfoliated and brightened my skin!  Definitely a fan of this product and would purchase again!

I've loved all the Temptu products I've tried and this was no different.  My skin tends to be oily so I like primers as a base for my foundation.  This Temptu primer provided a smooth, even base and controlled oil (win win!!!)

3.) SLMiss Blend Brush L34
I'm not one for makeup brushes, but between the pretty ombre bristles, the bling and how soft the brush is, I'll be holding onto this one! This particular brush may be an Ipsy exclusive, but there is a lilac brush set on the website.

Luckily I don't need concealer on a daily basis, but this one sure is effective for concealing unwanted imperfections!  I was happy to see that I received Tan, the shade that best matches my skintone.  I love this because it's also an illuminator, so there is a dewy finish.  

Now this blush is such a pretty shade with orange undertones that screams summer.  I will be holding onto this for warmer months!

Finally, I have to say I wasn't terribly excited by the bag design in the preview, but I ended up liking it more than I expected!  I loved this color and the texture.  
I already snuck a peek at my February collection (I have no self restraint!) and I am so excited for every single product in my bag.  And that's a rarity these days.  Can't wait to share in a few weeks.

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Who doesn't love having hair with a perfect curl!  Curls add dimension and volume, but for many of us it's hard to achieve that look without going to a salon.  Well, I've found a way to get that salon look in the comfort of your own home.  Today I'm excited to share a handy hair tool that every gal should own - the Tyme Iron!  I kept seeing ads for it everywhere and wanted to know if it actually worked. does!  

Before using it, I watched a lot of tutorials (check out this and this first) and even had a one-on-one FaceTime session with a Tyme stylist!  The session was really helpful because I got real time help on my technique.  

Before and After with Tyme Iron 

Clearly you can see from the before and after photos that the Tyme Iron actually curls hair beautifully!  It takes practice, but it works.  I'm not sharing a tutorial on how the iron works since there are numerous videos out there, but I do want to share some tips on making it easier to use.

Tips For Using Tyme Iron
  • The best time to curl hair is the day after washing your hair!
  • Be sure to practice the angles while the heat is OFF!  It takes a while to get used to the tool!
  • Make sure you're twisting the iron, not your wrist!  (It takes a lot of practice!)
  • Use a heat protectant and be sure to brush to each section before curling (to smooth it and get out any knots!)
  • Section your hair into smaller pieces for maximum curl!  It's also easier to control the iron.
  • Don't get too close to the root.  Starting midway makes the curl look more natural.
  • Once your hair is between the plates, pull gently.  Pull too hard and you may straighten your hair!
  • By angling your Tyme Iron at different degrees, you affect the shape of the curl.  It's best to start with a 45 degree angle.  (once I perfect the 45 degree angle, I'll be trying some other variations!)

If you do some research, you'll see quite a few negative reviews by people who don't get the technique right away.  Don't let that discourage you from trying the Tyme Iron.  As I mentioned above, I still need a lot of practice to get the technique right.  My hair also had a bit too much product/oils, so next time I'll try after I wash my hair.

Stay tuned for another post featuring some style inspirations with my favorite hair accessories!    

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Thanks to Tyme Iron for providing a complimentary iron for testing purposes.  All opinions shared above are my own.

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