Ipsy is just one of those subscriptions that I cannot wait for every month...and the sneak peeks don't help the addiction!  And I definitely don't wait to take a peek at my Glam Room every month, which reveals the products I am receiving in my bag!  This month's Glam Room selections were a definite hit!

Here is what was in my bag this month!

1.) NXY Butter Lips in Apple Strudel
I am conflicted on this-love the way this goes on but this is not really my typical color.  It's a pale pink, so maybe this would work with a darker eye.  It is also more sheer when applied, so I may try topping one of my lipcolors with this gloss.  It's not sticky, which I like, and they have a large variety of colors so I may try another shade.

2.) Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara
Mascara is my favorite beauty product-can't live without it!  I was so excited to see that this would be in my bag this month until I read some reviews that this product smells...and smells bad!  Be a Bombshell addressed the issue and assured customers that the product is not harmful, which I appreciated.  I figured I would still give it a try.  Ladies, just hold your breath when you put on the mascara (the smell does wear off) because the effects are worth it!  The brush was fantastic and really lengthened my lashes, and I'm pleased with the look.  I will be sure to follow up and see if if just this batch smells bad because I would consider purchasing again sans smell!

3.) Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeline in Blue
This is the product of the month that I would never buy on my own but am so glad that it appeared in my Ipsy Bag!  I love the shade of blue, and it will be perfect for going out looks this summer.  It didn't smudge when applied and seems to be long lasting, though I will test that soon. 

4.) Dove PureCare Dry Oil
I love Dove products, so I was excited to see a Dove product in my bag!  In fact, I currently have the matching shampoo and conditioner in my shower!  I had no idea that there was a finishing product in the same line!  I really like the smell of this and it makes my hair look so shiny and healthy!  Definitely recommend Dove products!

5.) RealTree for Her Eau de Parfum
I was worried when I saw this in my Glam Room, as I am very particular about scents (I really only like florals!)  But I like the way it smells, a little earthy with floral hints.  The light scent makes this the perfect everyday spray (even though I can never have just one scent!)  I've never seen this in stores, but would consider purchasing in the future if I did see it around!

Bonus...The Rebecca Minkoff for Ipsy Bag
And finally...this bag!  I can't tell you how cute this Rebecca Minkoff designed bag is.  I love the bold colors and fun tropical pattern, and this is perfect for the summer!  Of course I wish it was bigger so I could use it as a clutch, but this is one Ipsy bag that I will definitely be using again!

Loved the variety this month and the opportunity to try new items I wouldn't normally buy.  The $10/month price is definitely worth it.  If you like what you see and want to try Ipsy, I would love for you to use my link.  What is your favorite item from this month?