This morning was the first time I attended the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale, which may be surprising as many ladies I know are huge Lilly fans, including many of my sorority sisters.  I figured it was time to give this sale a chance.  I did keep an open mind knowing that many items would be snagged right away and I did not want to wait in line for opening day, which was Thursday.

 The Lilly Jeep!

There was a minimal line, I may have waited 5 minutes to get into the sale.  My main reason for going was to get Murfees, so I headed to the scarf section first.  There were so many older prints that I have been wanting to get, so it was a great selection.  Not many newer prints today, but I did get a Riley scarf in the Watermelon Coralina, which is one of the prints I've been wanting. I'm hoping some dresses in that print will be in the ESS Sale!

Next I checked out the Samples and Sale section. This was pretty much picked through, but I did find the striped Evelyn dress that I've been wanting.  The other section I wanted to check out was the dress section, but there wasn't much available and anything that was there weren't at great prices.  I did pick up a maxi dress which I like, but I'm on the fence about keeping it.

Here are my finds-top row are scarves, bottom row includes 2 dresses, belt and DZ pencil case!

In all, I got about $1375 in merchandise for $425.  It was a great sale for accessories-I'll definitely check it out again next year as long as I live close by!  Ladies who couldn't make it, the prices during the Endless Summer Sale in August are much better for clothing.  Can't wait to get some dresses then.  If anyone snagged any dresses in Lets Cha Cha or High Beams in S/M, I'm ISO...