Delivery days are the best days, especially when you know the Golden Tote that you've been obsessively tracking is waiting for you on your doorstep!  Yes, it is quite the addiction.  For those of you unfamiliar with Golden Tote, it is a fashion subscription started by the designers of Puella!  Every month you have the opportunity to purchase two different totes:

$49-You choose 1 item and will be surprised with 1-2 additional items with a value of $200!
$149-You choose 2 items and will be surprised with 3-5 additional items with a value of $600!

I mean, I'm hooked from the front page of the site!  I loved what they did this month!  So again for June, (to the dismay of my wallet) I decided to go with the $149 tote because there were 2 items I really wanted!  And the funny thing is, this first item was one that I didn't particularly want until I started my tote purchase.

Venice Vacation Dress

Yup, that's the dress you see above.  I love, love, love this dress.  The pattern and colors are even more gorgeous in person and the crochet detailing adds that special touch to the back.   The unfortunate part is that it is a bit snug on the bottom.  I think this is a sign that I need to lay off the sweets!  Must...Fit...Into...This...Dress!

Resort Maxi 
You just can't go wrong with a maxi, so I had to include this beauty in my tote as Chosen Item #2!  I went with the sunset color because I have way too much blue in my closet.  I'm not a huge fan of halters, but the detailing on this maxi really makes up for it!  I was also hoping the color would be a little brighter, but this will definitely be worn


Priddy Slouchy Pants
This is so out of my comfort zone that I knew I had to have it!  I originally put "no pants" in my style profile, but after the sneak peek of these pants, I quickly contacted customer service (they are amazing!) to ensure that I would receive these! And I got the printed ones, which I love.  They are beyond comfy and I can't wait to wear them out and about!

Eisley Tank
This black tank was the surprise item to compliment my Slouchy Pants!  I just love this tank, it's definitely a staple piece for my closet.  It's pretty simple, but I can see myself styling it in many ways, though I'm not so sure with the above!

Porridge Nautical Top
This is the only item that I'm on the fence about.  I love the print and the fit, but I don't love this shirt enough to call it a must have.  Though I am loving the nautical trend right now, so I may hold onto it unless a trade opportunity comes up!

Hourglass Lilly Wrap Dress
This is by far my favorite item in this month's tote.  I've never owned a wrap dress, and i just love this one.  It's comfy and flattering, not to mention the floral print is gorgeous!  As soon as I saw the sneak peeks, I knew I needed this.  I really like this brand and will hopefully receive future items from them!

I have to say, the ladies of Golden Tote really outdid themselves this month.  I wanted to share the items received in the tote here, so be on the look out as I style my newest Golden Tote pieces on the blog!  It may only be my second tote, but I really love every item that was included.  Check out last months review here.  If you like what you see and want to try Golden Tote, I would love for you to use my link and please share what you think about it!  I'm already looking forward to seeing what's in the July tote...