For today's post, I wanted to share with you what keeps me feeling and looking healthy!

1. Yoga
While I'm not that into working out, I do love my weekly yoga classes.  That time to relax and distress while also burning calories is a win win win!  It's a great way to exercise without having to deal with the boring machines and weights, and I feel that I get more of a workout with yoga than any other exercise I do!

2. Tea
I'm a huge tea drinker (Jasmine green tea is my weapon of choice) but lately I've had the chance to sample a few teas c/o Newport Skinny Tea, including the Newport Skinny Daytime Tea, Newport Skinny Evening Tea and Malibu Beach Beauty Tea!  The idea is to drink 3 cups of the tea a day, before breakfast, lunch and dinner!  I'm always looking for healthy ways to curb my appetite (huge snacker here) so this is a great alternative.  Stay tuned for a special post with more about the tea and what I thought of it!

3. Vitamins
I live by my GNC Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins and I won't use anything else.  The serving is 2 tablets a day, and I take both of mine at night.  It's more effective to take 1 in the morning and 1 at night, but my crazy schedule makes it hard to keep up with that.  I can vouch for my the hair and skin portion (my hair grows very quickly and my skin looks healthy) but my nails aren't as strong as they tend to peel.

4. Cute Activewear
Cute clothing always helps, no matter the situation!  Victoria's Secret has amazing sports bras that are really cute and customized for different types of workouts.  

5. Healthy snacking
As I mentioned above, I love food.  I've been working on snacking less though, and have found some deliciously healthy alternatives to traditional snacks.  My new obsession include rice crackers-so delicious and tastes great with dips like hummus and Veggie Straws!