I love doing my nails, but sometimes it would be nice to have some fun designs that don't cost a lot of money (salon) or stress (polishing my right hand!)  That's where Jamberry comes in!  I recently had the opportunity to sample Jamberry Nails for the first time, and yes, I was nervous.

I figured it would take a few tries to get it right, so I started off with a sample that I used as an accent nail!

1.) Prepping the Nail

As with any nail procedure, you have to do some prep!  For me, this included watching a bunch of application videos!  Then I washed my hands (Jamberry suggests dish detergent is great for removing oils); shaped my nails; buffed my nails; and cleaned them with nail polish remover.

2.) Remove Wrap

I peeled the wrap back halfway and used the cuticle pusher to remove it from the sheet.  (Don't touch the sticky end because you don't want any oils to get on the wrap.)

3.) Heat Wrap

I heated the wrap with the hair dryer for 15 seconds.  That's longer than what Jamberry suggests, but I felt it was more pliable that way.

4.) Put Wrap on Nail

I placed the wrap on my nail and used the cuticle pusher to seal the edges.  After the wrap on on my nail, I heated it with the hair dryer again for 15 seconds to secure the wrap to my nail!  Jamberry suggests using nail scissors to trim the edges and then file the extra wrap off.  It's so much easier to trim the nail and the wrap with a nail cutter so that you get a more even tip!  I'll make sure my nail is a little longer next time so I can do it this way!

These steps sound easy right?  They're not!  No application is ever perfect the first time around.  I do have some bubbles on both nails - I think my nails are extra curvy and I didn't take extra care to smooth out the edges!  Luckily the design I chose hides the imperfections.

I finished off the look with Zoya Lara.  In the end, I was pleased with my first Jamberry nail experience.  I can't wait to try the beautiful Sugar and Spice set, but I'm thinking I like using Jamberry wraps for accent nails!  Want to give Jamberry a try?  Be sure to contact Xochtil for a sample here!

* These Jamberry samples were gifted, but all opinions expressed above are my own!