Dress, old | H&M Sweater, old | Boots, old | Lilly Pulitzer scarf in Coralina | BaubleBar earrings | Old Navy Necklace

Today I joined in and wore my red to raise awareness for Heart Health.  I'm not one for being matchy matchy but I'm loving layering accessories in the same color as my outfit (did you catch the purple on purple action from yesterday's Instagram post?!)  I've found that red is one of the hardest colors to pair with something else, but I'm loving this bright blue (I do prefer to leave the red, white and blue for July 4th!)  Any other suggestions for a color to pair with red?

Since it's Heart Health Month, I also wanted to share some of my favorite ways to stay healthy!

  • In general, I don't like going to the gym (who does) but I absolutely love going to yoga and I go a few times a week, and I also do cardio!  
  • To go along with exercise, my a lot of my day at work involves sitting in front of a computer.  I make sure to take breaks or get up every now and then to walk around.
  • Watching what you eat is so important.  Some of my favorite heart healthy foods include fish (like tuna and salmon), almonds, tomatoes, green veggies (broccoli and spinach), avocados, and dark chocolate (check out my recent review of Brookside chocolates here!)
  • I can't start a day without my green tea!
  • I indulge in the occasional glass of red wine!
  • There are so many things that stress me out, but I always find healthy ways to relieve stress such as watching a funny movie, taking a walk, or shopping (it gets me out of the house and walking!)

I'm definitely going to work on a healthier diet and getting on my feet more!  I also have to say, I think I've been doing well with my closet remix challenge and curbing my spending.  It sure isn't easy, but I'm saving up for some fun new spring/summer pieces!

Cheers to fantastic Friday!