I recently partnered with Weddington Way for a fun Oscars fashion challenge - create a look for one of the five Best Actress Nominees.  There was a very talented list to choose from, but being a fan of Reese Witherspoon, I had to go with her!

The Dress
In looking at some of Reese's past looks, she seemed to lean towards darker hues, so I went with a plum colored dress.  Such a gorgeous color that would definitely stand out.  I loved this neckline-different from the strapless styles that she tends to go for.  The chiffon material is so elegant and is so flattering!

The Accessories
In selecting accessories, I thought gold would really pop against such a dark color.  I'm loving those scrappy sandals and the slit in the dress would show off the sandals perfectly.  That gold clutch is a stand out piece compared to the simple silhouette of the dress!

The Makeup
I always love an 'Old Hollywood Glamour' theme, so I chose a retro curly bob (which my favorite stylist Su-Shan of Starshine Salon mentioned would be popular this year!)  Since the plum hue is so rich, I chose a light lipcolor with a smokey eye to complete the makeup!

A little note on Weddington Way's site-it was easy to filter dresses by color, style, length, and even more categories!   The have such a large selection, it's hard not to find a dress for any special occasion.  You can also check out more of their chiffon dresses (my favorite) here.

Who do you think will win Best Actress?  Regardless of the outcome, I sure am excited to see what everyone will be wearing!