I'm back with one of my favorite posts of every season-the bucket list!  Though the first day of spring has already passed, it's still feeling like winter here in Philly.  I am looking forward to consistently warm weather and flowers.  I'd settle for any sign of greenery.  But better days are coming, and here are a few things that I'm looking forward to doing, or wearing, this season!

10. Head to a Baseball Game (and Tailgate!)
I've always enjoyed the feeling at being at a baseball game-all the activities, people, and food make it such a fun experience.  Of course tailgating makes it that much better.  I try to make at least one game a season and I'm already looking forward to it!

9. Wear More Heels!
I think every few years I go through phases, and lately it's been a lot of flat or low heeled boots or plain old flats.  This spring, I want to wear more heels, bonus points if it's lace up or has chunky heels!  I'm especially loving all of these styles of Dee Keller!

8. Make a Pie.
I love baking, but this year, I'm going to try baking a pie from scratch, something I've never done before.

7. Add Some Tropical Prints to my Collection.
I am loving all things tropical right now, and that includes wearing it.  How cute are all those bright flowers, pineapples and palm trees!  Loving these pretties from Asos!

6. Attend the Races...and Wear a Fancy Hat!
The Kentucky Derby may be the biggest horse race around here, but I enjoy our local races too!  This year, I am on the hunt for amazing hats or fascinators to wear to these races!

5. Get Spring Scarves.
Just because winter is over doesn't mean we can't still accessorize with scarves.  I wear scarves all year round, and mostly wear Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarves during the spring.  This year, I'll be looking to add more brands to my closet, and I'm especially loving these scarves from Powder!  Hello...tassels!!!  How pretty are these prints as well, and there are so many others to choose from too!

4. Get Better at Blog Planning.
This is something that I'm going to work harder on!

3. Get a Bucket Bag!
I'm really loving the shape of bucket bags; they are so unique and definitely make a statement!  I recently came across the designer Alexandra de Curtis and her bucket bags are stunning!  Here is a sampling of the collection, from their website!

2. Picnic Outdoors.
I've always wanted to have an outdoor picnic, with the red checkered blanket and the wicker basket!  Maybe this year is the year!

1. Get a Seersucker Dress!
I just love a good blue and white stripe, it screams warm weather!   How cute are these picks from Old Navy and Gap.  I recently stopped by my local Old Navy and was really impressed with the dress selection, and these dresses are very cute in person!

This list is really making me want spring to be here.  What are you looking forward to this season?