Urban Outfitters Dress, old | LC Lauren Conrad Sweater (not available anymore online, but love this) | Boots, old | Necklaces, old

Spring is just around the corner, but it's chilly up here in the North.  Instead of packing away those winter pieces, I'm still putting together some transition outfits, but I'm not complaining (I love sweaters and boots!)  One of my favorite fashion tips during the cold months is to wear spring and summer dresses, but layer with sweaters!  This outfit is just one of those examples.

Even though I'm a huge fan of color, I just can't get enough black and white at the moment.  It's such a classic combination!  Maybe my mood will change once the weather gets warmer.  My other recent obsession is layering necklaces.  I think these three make such a great pairing!  In happier news, it's almost Friday-I'm definitely ready for the weekend!