Fantastic Fawn Tunic (from Moxie Style, sold out but check out similar tops here)  | New York & Company Leggings | Jordana Paige Quinn Bag in Cranberry c/o | Booties, old

The Oversized Tunic
I'm scooping up all oversized tunics and sweaters this season.  I'm not a huge fan of tie-dye, but I couldn't resist this adorable top from Moxie Style.  I can't believe how comfy it is.  This top in particular is see through, but this print is sold out from the site.  There are a few other options, and many are $10 or less!

The Leggings
The majority of my fall and winter outfits involve leggings.  They are so comfy and warm, and perfectly acceptable in public!  For casual outfits, I love pairing them with oversized tops.  For work, I style them with my dresses instead of tights because they are warmer.  My favorite leggings come from New York & Company and Kohls (Lauren Conrad brand!) I'm now looking to get some printed leggings to pair with solid tops!

The Purse
Once the cooler weather hits, the fall bags come out.  This Jordana Paige Quinn bag has been a lifesaver!  If you're like me, you tend to carry your life in your purse, and this bag has plenty of compartments to accommodate that!  Aside from the size, the detailing is gorgeous and I'm in love with the deep red shade.  It's definitely a statement piece.  The Quinn bag also comes in a gorgeous tan shade that's more versatile.

The Booties
I couldn't wait to pull out my boot and booties from hibernation!  This pair from Kohls is a few seasons old but still has some life left.  I especially love pairing my brown boots with a black outfit!  I can't wait to add some new pairs to my collection this year; my favorite time to stock up is during Black Friday!

The Makeup
I tend to wear more makeup during the cooler months.  I'm loving deeper shades this fall, and I am pleasantly surprised by the Hikari Lip Gloss from last month's Ipsy bag!  I'm wearing the shade Merlot!  It's a low key shade that I could probably get away with on a daily basis.

The Hair
I recently got picked for the Kerastase Voxbox from Influenster and I just have to quickly talk about how amazing the products are!  My hair is very frizzy and became somewhat unmanageable due to the humidity this summer.  You can see in the top photo that my hair is much smoother, only after one use!  And I don't have any product in my hair...yet.  A more in depth review will be coming shortly!

Between the numerous interior pockets and the perfect fall shade, this Jordana Paige bag is quickly becoming a favorite!  Come back on Monday to get a closer look at what's inside my bag!