Sweater, Golden Tote Surprise | Old Navy Jeans, old | Charlotte Russe flats (not available online, but love this and this) | Scarf, old

I can't believe it's already December.  This is definitely my favorite time of year and I especially love the comfy clothing.  This sweater was another surprise from my November Golden Tote order (I promise, a review of the entire tote is coming soon!)  It's boxy and oversized, but there is something about it that is very appealing.  I love the the gray and white print!  What's even better, the back is slightly longer, making it acceptable to wear with leggings!

Since the print on the sweater is so subtle, I figured it was a good candidate for some print mixing.  This cozy winter scarf has the same color palette so they paired nicely.  I will have to check out my scarf collection and find some other prints to try out.

I really love these flats, which I snagged on sale from Charlotte Russe.  There is a nude shade that looks to still be available, but keep in mind that they aren't the most comfortable!  Maybe I just have to wear them in more.