Hey dolls.  Today I'm excited to share a new collaboration I'm doing with Enclothe Boutique.  I'm a huge fan of clothing subscription boxes and I'm always looking to try the newest one out there.  I recently came across Enclothe on Facebook and of course had to find out more...
What is Enclothe?
Enclothe is a shopping solution to subscription boxes that come with unwanted surprises, all while offering amazing deals.  Enclothe offers Style Bundles that come in 5 price points ($49, $99, $129, $149, and $169) and customers select all of the pieces that come in every style bundle.  Enclothe also has a boutique if you want just one item (but you get the best deals with the bundles!)

What are Style Bundles?
There are 5 options as mentioned above, and each one gives customers the opportunity to build a bundle based on products that are available in various categories.  The more expensive bundles include pricier products (also known as premium and featured items.)  The $149 Style Bundle, one of the more popular options, is the perfect mix, allowing you to select one premium item, one featured item, and four other items!

I was given a $149 bundle and this is what the selection process looks like.  Each level has multiple options to choose from!
How Can You Get Involved in the Buying Process?
This may be one of my favorite parts of Enclothe.  Every month Gabrielle, the owner of Enclothe, posts albums on Facebook for us to vote on.  The items that get the most votes get added to the boutique and the style bundles!  On these posts we find out more about fit, materials, etc and Gabrielle is so responsive to questions.  You can join the group here and don't forget to vote because the March items are so cute!
So, onto the goods...
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

I love that I can have different sizes in the same bundle.  That makes a huge difference to me because some brands run big or small and I don't want to worry about something not fitting.  I also absolutely love the packaging and the note.  This is my third package from Gabrielle and they all arrived looking so cute; the little touches make me appreciate Enclothe that much more.  And of course I am in love with all of the pieces in the bundle.  I'm definitely ready for spring with all of these pretty pastels and prints.

Why Choose Enclothe?
  • Unique Clothes at Amazing Deals!  (My $149 bundle had a total value of $249+)  
  • No fear of receiving unwanted surprises!
  • Can mix and match sizes in your bundle!
  • Ability to help select boutique and bundle items!
  • Amazing customer service!
Gabrielle picks really unique and quality pieces for Enclothe and I love seeing what's new each month.  I highly recommend checking out this clothing service!  If you're making a purchase for the first time, feel free to use my referral link for free shipping!

Since this post was mainly an introduction to Enclothe and how it works, I will be styling these pieces on the blog over the next few weeks!  You can check out some of my older Enclothe items styled here, here, and here!  In the meantime, if you have any fit or style questions on any of my February pieces, or questions about Enclothe in general, feel free to comment below!

*I received a $149 bundle to review in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions shared above are my own!