Ladies, I'm going to let you in on a secret.  I do a lot of my shopping on Facebook.  That's right, Facebook!  There are so many boutiques that operate (or host special sales) on Facebook and they have amazing deals on the cutest clothes.  A few of these said boutiques have gotten together to host a major blowout sale for Labor Day.  So, what boutiques will be part of this sale?  Here they are:

1.) Autumn Olive Boutique/Dibs! Clothing
Autumn Olive Boutique is an online boutique, but Dibs! Clothing is the Facebook part of this company!  The best part about Dibs is that you can claim items before they hit the boutique (and sometimes things sell out right on Facebook!)  I've ordered from both sides of this and love my pieces!

2.) The Bauble Gum Shop
The Bauble Gum Shop specializes in trendy jewelry at affordable prices!  This boutique is new to me, so I can't wait to check it out.

3.) Citrus Hill Clothing Boutique
Citrus Hill Clothing curates outfits so you don't have to worry about putting pieces together.   Outfits usually consist of a top, a bottom and an accessory.  New outfits are released every Tuesday and Thursday.  If you buy all of the pieces in the bundle, you get an additional discount.  This is such a great idea, right!

4.) Enclothe Boutique
Enclothe Boutique offers clothing options which you can bundle for cheaper prices.  Currently Enclothe offers 3 bundle options, and you choose every item that goes into the bundle (which eliminates the fear of unwanted surprises.)  I've bought a lot from Enclothe and love every single piece!  Enclothe is an online boutique, but hosts frequent sales on Facebook, especially in between seasons!

5.) Lemon & Limes Boutique
Lemon & Limes Boutique specializes in baubles, stationery and gifts!  The Facebook group is the VIP group that has access to items first and exclusive deals.  I've browsed the items and they are pretty cute!  Aside from fun, trendy baubles (including some that are designer inspired) you can also grab mystery bags and other sweet deals!

6.) Party Clothes
Party Clothes offers trendy, boho and girly clothing at amazing prices.  I just purchased the cutest dupe for this Free People dress, and it was under $40!  There are so many great pieces that are listed frequently and though I want them all, I have practiced restraint.
p.s. You'll see that lbd on the blog soon!

7.) Skivvy Style Box
Skivvy Style Box is one that I'm intrigued about and can't wait to try.  This surprise based box specializes in sleepwear and lingerie.  Boxes could also include clothing and shoes!  Skivvy also hosts sales and dibs/flash sales on the Facebook page.

8.) Tag Online Boutique
Tag offers trendy, affordable, and gorgeous (clever name, isn't it) items!  Tag is an online boutique, but those part of the Facebook group get first dibs on items as well as indulge in occasional sales!

Who knew that Facebook could be such a great place to go shopping!  Even though I haven't bought from every boutique listed, I interact with almost all of these pages on Facebook and I can tell they offer quality items with amazing customer service.

I will definitely be checking out this blowout sale, but until then, get familiar with all the deets here!