Guys, I tried hot yoga and survived to tell the tale!  And it was one of the best workouts I've ever tried.  I recently introduced you to CorePower Yoga in this post, but I wanted to report back after taking a class!  I checked out some classes at the Rittenhouse location in Philly.
First Impressions:

  • The people who work at CorePower Yoga are so friendly and welcoming!
  • The studios are intimate, which limit class sizes and allow instructors to offer adjustments on your form (with your permission of course!) 
  • The changing areas really are "spa-like" and are well maintained!
  • The boutique has the cutest workout gear and you'll want everything!

So, to get back to those classes...
My first class at Core Power Yoga was a C2 class (full list of classes here).  Of course, I studied the CPY site before my class but still wasn't sure what to expect.

C2 used typical yoga moves in a fast paced setting.  There was some heat added (95-98 degrees) and humidity was added at various intervals during the hour.  The heat was bearable, but the humidity was so tough.  There were both men and women from all levels of experience!
Yoga Sculpt was the second class I tried.  It is by far the best gym experience I've ever had.  This class combined yoga moves with weights.  I'm not a weight lifter by any means (and I mean not at all) so I was happy to find something that incorporated that.  This class also included moves that I haven't done since high school gym class (think jumping jacks and sit-ups!)  There was some added heat (92-95 degrees and I also believe some added humidity.)  There were all women in this class, and I highly recommend this butt-kicking workout for all yoga levels.  I will definitely be going back to CPY again just for this class.  

A quick note on my yoga experience.  I've been attending regular yoga classes for at least 4-5 years now, so I do have yoga experience.  That definitely helped in transitioning to hot yoga, though the lower level classes welcome yoga beginners.

Final Class Thoughts:

  • Unless you have any hot yoga experience, start with a C1 class.  Not going to lie, but as someone who wasn't used to heat and humidity, C2 was tough.  (I didn't pass out though.  I've heard so many hot yoga horror stories so I was worried about this!)
  • Wear moisture wicking clothes.  In my regular yoga class, I'll wear workout pants and a tee, but that will soak up sweat and will be uncomfortable.  (And believe me, everyone sweats!)
  • Bring a towel, or 2.  And a mat made for hot yoga.  CPY does have towel and mat rentals.  One nice feature is that towel rentals are free for the first class.  (I'm still looking for a hot yoga mat!)
  • CPY classes are way more fast paced than regular yoga.  (And they have the best playlists do I get those for myself!!)
  • Bring a huge bottle of water and stay hydrated throughout the class!

I mentioned above how impressed I was with the facilities.  Everything really was clean, well maintained, and so peaceful.

Where to Find CPY:
Lucky for my NJ readers, the Cherry Hill location just opened this month!  Other Philly-area locations include Rittenhouse Square and North Wales.  But there are over 160 locations around the US!

Have you tried hot yoga?  Let me know if you have additional tips below!

Images of the class is from CorePower Yoga.  Thanks to CowerPower Yoga for providing a class pass in exchange for this review.  All opinions shared above are my own.