Recently my sister and I tried out our first Painting With A Twist class.  It's something we've been wanting to do for a while.  Spoiler...we had a blast!  I wanted to share my experience with all of you.  Keep scrolling down and you'll see my actual painting as well.

For me, one of the hardest parts about Painting With A Twist was deciding what class to take!  Luckily there are so many painting options, and time slots, which is great.  This carnival painting reminded me of a recent trip I took to Coney Island so it called out to me and that's what we decided on.  The registration process was so easy and we were quickly registered for 2 spots.

How cute is this setup?  We were warmly greeted upon arrival and the staff is so personable that I felt comfortable and ready to tackle the painting!  We learned that the summer is a slower season for Painting With A Twist, so we were lucky enough to have a private painting class!  Though these classes are designed for all artistic levels, our instructor Shannon made the directions so easy to follow.

Check out the colors in the background!  So pretty right?  The second half of the painting was a little harder because of how busy it is.  Shannon gave us great instructions and gave us the option to personalize our paintings which I loved.

Our class was 2 hours, but Shannon was kind enough to let us stay a little longer to finish up.  Here are our final paintings - I love the way they turned out!  Did you know that Painting With A Twist also offers one hour each month for anyone who wants to polish or add to your painting?

I couldn't wait to set up my painting today.  It has already found a comfy spot in the house among all my favorite accessories so I'll be checking out my handiwork everyday!  

My sister and I are already talking about trying some fall classes.  Another class that we thought sounded interesting is Paint Your Pet.  They also do private parties, so this would be a fun idea for a birthday activity, date night, bachelorette, fundraiser or more!

Do you have a Painting With A Twist class near you?  What painting would you choose?  Let me know in the comments below.