I may not be the worlds biggest exercise buff, but I do love trying a new workout every now and then.  When allongée invited fellow bloggy babe Melissa of Skinny Affair and I to try out a new class called so SOAR! of course we had to see what it was all about!  And yes, it involved mini trampolines!

cutest selection of sticky socks (I got the star ones!)

allongée studio in Philly

What is allongée?
allongée is a workout method created by dancer Jillian Dreusike, and it relies heavily on ballet movements and choreography (i.e. a super challenging but targeted workout!)  The studio offers sculpt, sweat and hybrid classes.  These classes are currently offered in Philly and NYC, but Jillian plans to have pop-ups around the country.

What is so SOAR! 
so SOAR!  is a new sweat class that is part of the allongée offerings.  It is 45 minutes of high energy cardio that targets various muscle groups (legs, arms, and core.)  The rest of this post addresses this so SOAR! class only, but I'm hoping to try other classes!

Can anyone try these classes?
Yes, it's open to all levels and you do what your body can handle.  Obviously part of the class involved jumping on the trampoline, and as someone who doesn't like heights, I felt like I was going to fall off the trampoline with every jump.  But the further I got into the class, I got used to the sensation of jumping.  so SOAR! regulars also tell me the first class is the scariest, which gives me hope!

How often can you take these classes?
As a first timer, I can't imagine going more than once or twice a week, but it is safe to do everyday.  I was really sore for about 3 days after the workout.

What should you bring to the class?
Sticky socks are required, but you can get a pair at allongée for $14.  Tip: To prolong the use of your sticky socks - turn them inside out while washing and they last longer!

Final verdict, I enjoyed the workout.  I wasn't as flexible on the trampoline because it was my first time and I sadly don't have a dancers body, but I followed along as best as I could.  It was fun to let loose on the trampoline as well.

It's a really unique workout and I definitely recommend trying it once.  If you have any questions about the workout or what to expect during the class, feel free to share in the comments!  Any other details like location, cost, etc can be found right on the allongée website.

To treat ourselves for a workout well done, Melissa and I stopped at Stripp'd Juice!  So worth it because I had my first acai bowl ever and it was amazing!  I can't wait to go back!

What's the most fun workout you've ever tried?

Special thanks to allongée for inviting us to try a complimentary class.  All opinions shared above are my own.