In this new age of interactive experiences, pop-ups have, literally, been popping up everywhere.  A few weeks ago, Chelsea | Organized Mess, Melissa | The Skinny Affair and I took a girls trip to NYC to check out the newish pop-up, Rosé Mansion.  As soon as I heard about it earlier this summer I knew I had to go (is there any question when rosé is involved?!)
As soon as we stepped into the first room, we were immersed with the interactive nature of the exhibit.  We were given grape stickers to place around the once white room.  At the end of the exhibit, ideally there shouldn't be any white space left.   I can't wait to see how the room turns out.
This was one of my favorite exhibits in the mansion, partly because I'm obsessed with rotary phones. And I just loved the Mad Men-esque vibes and the travel theme.
Just wondering how I can get a wall this fabulous in my house.
I enjoyed this floor a little too much - you have to experience it to understand!
These were two of my favorite photo opps - is it any surprise since flowers are involved?!
We even got to make a blend of rosé based on our preferences.

These are just a few of the rooms you'll experience - there is so much more to see!

It can be hard to determine when a pop-up is worth visiting (my sister and I have debated about about this.)  I'm all for great photo opportunities, but I definitely did my research and after going through Rosé Mansion, I can definitely recommend visiting.  There are enough photos opps and samples of rose that kept me engaged the entire visit - we were there for over 2 hours and the lines weren't terrible on a Saturday.  Plus it's right near Bryant Park, one of my favorite spots in NYC!
I wore this summer maxi dress which I'm loving, but it was probably not the best option for all the photos because it's such a loose fitting piece.  I wouldn't recommend a maxi dress unless it's something you want to photograph in particular.
Get your tickets and all other deets for Rosé Mansion here!  Have you gone - what were your favorite rooms?