Word on the street is that people aren't happy with this month's Ipsy Bag.  The theme was Fresh Picks and the products selected were mostly skincare items.  While it wasn't as good as last month, I enjoyed trying the selection I received.  Though my hair could have used some love as I didn't get any hair care products this month like I had hoped!

May Ipsy Bag!

1.) Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask

I was most excited to try this item from the May bag and I have to say it's my favorite!  I followed the instructions of moisturizing, applying the mask and leaving for 20 minutes, and then moisturizing again and my skin felt so clean and fresh!  It smelled great and was easy to use.  I was pleasantly surprised that the mask actually peeled off unlike others I have used, though I did a quick rinse to make sure everything came off!  A day later and my skin still feels great and not as oily as usual.  The sample may look small, but I can still get a few more uses out of it!  I would definitely consider purchasing the full size!

2.) Pur~Lisse Pur~Moist Hydra Balance Moisturizer

As soon as I pulled this out of the bag, I was a little turned off by this product because it said normal-dry and anti-aging.  As someone in her 20s, anti-aging products don't quite appeal to me yet, but the more disappointing fact is that this is for people with normal to dry skin.  Having oily to combination skin, this is the exact opposite of what I should be using!  I was curious about the fact that it went on like a gel, so I gave it a try and the results weren't bad.  It goes on nice and does make my skin feel moisturized, but I won't be buying this product again unless there is an option for my skin type!

3.) Avene Thermal Spring Water

Before Ipsy I had never seen this product, so I was intrigued by it.  As someone with problem skin, my makeup tends to wear off throughout the day and I'm always on the lookout for products that will prolong my made-up face!  The mist is very refreshing, and I can see how this will be handy all summer for travel and for touch-ups as I attend a lot of evening events for work and don't usually have time to redo my makeup.  The jury is still out on this...but it does look promising!
4.) Jersey Shore Sun Sans Tan Anti-Aging Sunscreen

This is the second anti-aging product I got in my bag (I better check my profile again!!)  This sunscreen uses all natural products, and you can smell it when applied.  Olive oil is a main ingredient, and I while I love olive oil for many reasons, I don't love smelling like it!  On the upside, it does spread nicely and absorbs quickly!  Not sure that I will be purchasing this product at the moment.

5.) Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo #1

This Ipsy exclusive eyeshadow duo was the only makeup product I got this month and the colors are ones I will actually wear. I'm loving the copper color.  Seems light enough to wear to work, but I think you can build up the color to get a more dramatic look too.  Eyeshadow isn't my favorite makeup product, but I'm sure this will be getting some use as there will be a lot of events to attend this summer!

I'm already anxious for sneak peeks for next month.  If you're interested in joining Ipsy, I would love for you to use my link!  If you received a May bag, how did your product selections?