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Sale Spotlight: Annie Griffin Warehouse Sale

Occasionally I'll be posting a Sale Spotlight that is worth checking out!

My new love is the Annie Griffin Collection.  Gorgeous colors, styles...just perfect for a spring work wardrobe.  Until 9pm tonight, they are having a Warehouse Sale with prices up to 80% off.  This is the first piece from the brand that caught my eye, though I'm holding off buying it as I've been doing a little too much shopping lately!

Kay Dress in Poppy Print, Annie Griffin Collection

This is what I ended up choosing!  

Chelsea Scalloped Skirt in Eggplant, Annie Griffin Collection

Jillian Dress in Hanging Flower, Annie Griffin Collection

I just placed the order and already have a shipping confirmation.  I hope it gets here soon and I will be sure to share my thoughts when they arrive! Be sure to check out the sale before it ends tonight and share below if you purchase anything!

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