Today, we're talking all things Golden Tote.  In fact, I'm currently wearing one of my tote pieces as I write this, and it may be one of my favorites!!  Don't know what Golden Tote is?  It's only one of my favorite subscription services out there!  Totes are released the first Monday of the month and there are two totes you can choose from:

$49-You choose 1 item and will be surprised with 1-2 additional items with a value of $200!
$149-You choose 2 items and will be surprised with 3-5 additional items with a value of $600!

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My last tote was back in June, but I held off the past few months to save money.  Of course there are some pieces that I need to track down now.  I was very anxious to get the December tote because it was a bday present to myself and they offered a great Cyber Monday deal of an extra surprise item!  Plus there was a great selection of chosen items this time around.  What I love about GT and the Sarah(s) who curate them is that they choose trendy items as well as classic pieces, so a larger audience can purchase totes.  Let's get to my chosen items!

Tis The Season Dress


This was chosen #1.  I knew I needed this the moment I saw it!  While many are wearing this for New Years, I think I'm saving this up for a 1920s party we'll be hosting for work next year!  Styled with a fun headband and pumps, I think it will be perfect.

Snuggly Striped Sweater

This was chosen #2!  I was on the fence between this and the Winter Wonderland Top, but I'm so glad I snagged this.  It's pretty true to size and soooo snuggly! Just get this and you'll understand why it's so amazing!

And on to my surprises.  I did sneak a peek at my codes, and I was a bit disappointed at first sight.  I was pleasantly surprised after trying my surprises on though.  I have gotten better curated totes in the past!  But for me, the whole point of getting a Golden Tote is to go beyond my comfort zone and try new things.

Catwalk Studio Belted Surplice Dress in Ivory

At first, I did not want this dress.  But it's my favorite surprise this month!  GT has made me love wrap dresses!  It's so flattering, soft and comfy.  I can't wait to wear it.  I'm glad I received the ivory.  I just got a pair of plum tights that would look great with it, but leopard leggings and boots would be fun too!

Catwalk Colorblock Pocket Sweater

I'm on the fence with this one.  It's the most darling sweater, but it's one size fits all!  Clothes really shouldn't be one size fits all.  The sleeves are a bit too large and even layering underneath doesn't help much.  The colors are so pretty together though, making it the perfect fall sweater!

Vanilla Bay Pattern Pocket Top

This top is a winner...after you put it on!  At first sight, it doesn't seem like anything special.  But it has a great fit and the chevron is really pretty! Can't wait to wear this!

Chris & Carol Striped Shirt

As someone who doesn't wear stripes often, there are way too many striped pieces in my tote!  While this top wasn't terrible, it's definitely not a favorite.  I'm hoping to trade it for something I like more, but I could see myself wearing it if I can't trade or sell it.  It is a comfy tee and has a cute detail in the back!

Skies Are Blue Floral Top

I liked this more in person than the photos, but there's just something about it that I don't like.  The floral print is pretty, and I'm usually a fan of florals! I think the lace was too much for a busy print.  Unfortunately, my top was damaged.  I'm waiting to hear back from Customer Service, but I've only heard great things about their service so I'm not worried about getting it replaced!

The bag isn't so bad itself!

I'll be styling my newest Golden Tote pieces in upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned to see more!   What's your favorite item from this month?

* This post contains affiliate links, in which I may receive compensation for totes purchased using my link!