One of the most anticipated sales launched this morning and as usual, it was quite the adventure!  Luckily I was able to score the items that I wanted the most, but after a technical error scare!  Even though I didn't want to get another scarf, I snagged the Sagittarius Murfee first because I couldn't resist and I read somewhere that they wouldn't be made anymore. 

After my first order when through, there was about 30 minutes of waiting time, hoping the items in my cart didn't sell out!  I managed to get the Joanna Maxi Dress, the Sanibel Dress, and my first Dusk Top!  So happy with my purchases, I can't wait to get them and style them here on the blog.

The one item that got away is the Paws Off Elsa.  I loved the print, but there didn't seem to be a good collection of items with the print.  So this Elsa is something I will be looking for!

Overall I had a great haul, but I wasn't overly impressed with the items in this sale.  A lot of the pieces had fit issues.  It's too bad because the prints are great!  I'm already eying pieces in the current collection (this and this and this and this) but I have to give my wallet a break, for now.   I'd love to know what you grabbed in the sale below!