Good Morning!

I think today may be the first 2 post day.  I'm still catching up on everything from the holidays and checking out the Lilly online sale and the brutal weather outside, so I'll be getting back on track with this blog ASAP!  Today I wanted to share 2 amazing sales that I found out about.

If you've been following along, you may know about my love of Zoya polishes.  They have a huge selection of colors that are all toxin free.  It'll be hard not to find a color you love!  A few times a year, they have a sale where you get 3 free polishes, and just pay shipping.  Well, this deal is even better.  You get 3 polishes of your choice, plus a mini trio of never before released colors.  I also love surprises, so I can't wait to see what the colors will be!  This time around, I grabbed Charisma, Marnie, and Noir
Hurry over as the sale ends January 14!  If you're getting this, I'd love to know what colors you pick in the comments!

Rent The Runway:
I've never used Rent the Runway, but everyone I know who has raves about the service.  Why am I so hesitant?  I just like buying dresses, and repurposing them after an event. I know they have an amazing selection of designers, and as I go to more events for my job, I may have to consider this as an option.  in the meantime, they're having a huge clearance sale.  All dresses are in like new condition.  Since I did some damage at the Lilly sale, I'm staying away from this.  But here are some of my favorite dresses.
Have you ever used Rent the Runway?  I'd love to hear about it below if you have!
Enjoy you Thursday!