Today is the second post featuring my collab with the Wardrobe Boutique!  If you didn't catch the introduction post, you can find it here

In the last post I promised some photos, so I stopped by the boutique this week to see what was new and I found some amazing goodies in stock!  The Wardrobe Boutique carries a variety of pieces, and they're all organized by type and size.  Before you walk upstairs, you're greeted by some stylishly dressed mannequins providing a hint of what you'll find inside!

At the front of the store you'll encounter accessories, shoes and bags, and a warm, welcoming staff!

Yep, that's some Bling Babe jewelry curated by the gorgeous Jessie Holeva of Trend Hungry!  If you're a fan of vintage jewels, these are to die for.  And, anyone else want this baubles wall in their home?

I love that they work with local designers at Wardrobe Boutique!  Aren't these cuffs so pretty!

And another find were these embroidered Dior pumps!  And the gorgeous hot pink Manolo Blahniks...why can't they be in my size.  I wouldn't be surprised if these goodies were snatched up already!

In the main room, the first racks you'll encounter are tops and sweaters and even some darling children's pieces.  Make sure to take a peek at the skirts, dresses, and pants, which you'll find towards the back of the room.  They even have formal wear!  I spy some metallic dresses here, and you know how I feel about metallic prints!  Neutrals were all over the Golden Globes (see my fashion recap here) so they are definitely a must have for your springtime cocktail parties!

Tips for shopping at Wardrobe Boutique:
  • Look through the racks because you'll find some hidden gems! 
  • Check back often as new inventory is added frequently!
  • Follow The Wardrobe Boutique on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with new items and the weekly sale (this week was 20% off coats!)

I was distracted by all the pretty accessories that I just had to share with you.  Next week we're talking trends and featuring more of the gorgeous clothing at Wardrobe Boutique!  Be sure to share your Wardrobe Boutique goodies below if you indulge in some guilt free shopping!