It's finally here.  The Lilly Pulitzer sale opened today and goes on through Saturday.  One of my wonderful Lilly loving friends invited me to check out the preview sale yesterday and it was quite an experience!  I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to check it out and running into some old friends made it that much better!  Since there are two more days of sales, read on to see what you'll find this year and some tips that have helped me find the best deals!
(I think this illustration from B Joyful Illustrations sums up the Lilly sale perfectly!)

Tips to survive the sale:
Keep an open mind!
I'm sure we all go in wanting certain items (I know I was starting a list), but it's best to keep an open mind and see what deals are available.  I scored one dress that I really wanted, but most of the items I got I wasn't expecting!

Grab as you go!
Pick up anything that you may be interested in because it may not be there later.  You can always try it on and leave items if you don't like them.

Wear full coverage underwear/leggings/shorts!
You're trying on clothes in an open dressing room, so make sure you wear something that you feel comfortable in while changing and won't make others feel unfortable.

Don't wear Lilly to the sale, especially recent prints!
As much as you want to wear Lilly to the sale, it may not be the best idea.  The sales people monitor the dressing room, so your clothes may be mistaken for sale items.

Make a few rounds because they restock!
If you don't find something the first time you look around, don't be disappointed.  I ended up finding something I really wanted right before I checked out both this year and last!

You will still find good deals on Friday and Saturday!
Last year I went on a Friday morning and ended up with so many great deals.  I even found a dress in the seconds bin that I really wanted.

Disappointed with the sale or didn't get a chance to stop by?  Don't forget about the online sale later this summer.  I've found better deals there!

What You'll Find at the Warehouse Sale:
Most of the prints found at the warehouse sale are from Resort and Spring.  I didn't get a chance to walk through the entire area, but it seems like there were plenty of dresses, shorts, bags, and GWP items as well!  The shoe collection wasn't that large, but there seemed to be a decent Minnies collection.  Sad I missed out on the jewelry because I did want to browse through that.  Not many Murfees/scarves which made up most of my haul last year.  I spent most of my time going through the seconds and samples.  I'm not sure what the sale looks like after today!

My haul:
Here is a quick look at my wonderful finds!  A mix of old prints, new prints and samples that I am thrilled to add to my ever growing Lilly Collection!  I can't wait to style them all, so come back to the blog to see more.

Final Thoughts:
Yes, it was madness, but that comes with any big Lilly sale, online or in store.  And I was prepared for that.  The staff was so nice and accommodating.  Not matter what you find, in the end, you're guaranteed to go home with discounted Lilly so I call that a win-win!  Who's ready for next year...

Please share your hauls in the comments below!  I love seeing everyone's finds.