I'm sure you all know about my love of colorful jewels, so today's post is dedicated to Chloe + Isabel's newest collection.  Not only are there more baubles that I'm drooling over, they have an amazing sale going on starting today.  Does the word free catch your attention?  Read on...

Copacabana Collection
Pineapples, parrots, paradise...there is a bit of everything in this stunning collection!  I'm loving all of the pretty blues, greens and yellows!
In addition to the necklace and bracelet above, there are 9 other limited edition pieces in the collection.

So what is the sale?  Buy 2 get 1 free.  This offer ends n June 25, so hurry and get your favorite jewels today!
If you make a C+I purchase during this sale, make sure you are buying under merchandiser Danielle Boyce.  She donates up to 40% of proceeds from each order to charity!  You just can't beat guilt free sale shopping.

What are your favorite pieces in the Copacabana collection?