Who doesn't love a spa day?  As much as I'd like to go to the spa weekly, I love products that allow me to have a luxurious spa experience in my own home!  I recently had the opportunity to sample some of Spongelle's products and they did not disappoint!
I received the buffer in the scent Bulgarian Rose, one of five scents available.  I'm a huge fan of florals and this smells heavenly!  I was pleasantly surprised by what a great exfoliant the buffer was; definitely better than any loofah I've used before.  It also left my skin feeling moisturized long after I showered.
My pedi buffer was the Mandarin Mint scent, which is one of two options.  I love doing mini pedicures at home, and this product will make that experience more luxurious and rejuvenating!  Again, it's a great exfoliant that moisturizes at the same time and smells amazing.  I will be using this weekly over the summer.

So what makes Spongelle different than other beauty products?
  • Innovative Technology (I'm still not quite sure how the buffers are so soft yet make a great exfoliant, but I will continue to use these!)
  • Long Lasting (Based on my experience so far, I'm thinking these products will last longer than the recommended washes!)
  • Amazing Scents (I'm already choosing what scents to try next!)
  • Luxurous Results (My skin feels soft, clean and relaxed long after using the buffers!)
  • Gorgeous Packaging (Yes, appearance makes a huge difference.)
Those are just a few of my favorite reasons for trying Spongelle.  You can buy Spongelle products online, but also at Spas and even Anthropologie (not that I needed another reason to love that store!)  I highly recommend trying this product; I will be replenishing my supply once these samples run out and will try some of their other products as well.  They have body lotion that matches the scents offered with the body was buffer and anti cellulite products as well!  Spongelle products are definitely worth adding to your skincare routine!

*These products were provided by Brandbacker and Spongelle for reviewing purposes.  All opinions shared above are my own.