Sundays are my favorite because I always try to take time to do some pampering!  I've always been curious about teeth whitening strips.  I'm already a fan of whitening mouthwash and toothpaste, so this has always been the missing step in my routine.  That changed when I had the chance to try out Doll White!

I received a 7 day supply to test!  It was easy enough to use, though it did take a little practice to mold the strips to my teeth perfectly.  It was a little uncomfortable on, but not enough that I wouldn't use it again.  I had to keep it on for 30 minutes.  The box says that it is a mint flavor, but I didn't taste much mint.  There was no bad aftertaste though.  The best part about this treatment is it's peroxide free, meaning that is gentle and perfect for those with sensitive teeth!  I noticed results even after the first use, though it works best with consistent use.  I think at least a 14 day supply is recommended

Personally I'm not sure if I could keep up with teeth whitening strips in my daily routine, but that's a personal preference.  However, I liked the results I saw from Doll White and would recommend it to anyone looking for a gentle and effective teeth whitening treatment!

* Thanks to Doll White and Bloggers Hangout for the samples in exchange for a review.  All opinions shared above are my own.