I just took a sneak peek at my upcoming Ipsy bag and realized that I haven't shared my goodies in a while.  So this review is a little late!  As usual, I had a great time trying out some new products!

1.) Temptu Warm Glow Bronzer  (included in this set)
I've seen Temptu appear in Ipsy bags but never had the opportunity to try it until now!  This multi-purpose product can be used as a bronzer to achieve a natural sun-kissed look.  The shade is too light for my skin tone, so I didn't use it as a bronzer.  However, a few drops mixed in with my favorite foundation created a luminous all over glow which I loved.  This is a keeper!

2.) Manna Kadar 3 in 1 Blush Highlighter Eyeshadow in Fantasy
At first glance I was not pleased to see another eyeshadow in the same shade I always get.  But the more I read about this product, I realized it offered many uses, not just for eyes.  This beautiful and neutral shade also makes a great highlighter.  Again, a little too light for my skin tone, but could possibly be used as a blush!

3.) NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Soft Spoken
The lipstick shade I received is a pretty neutral brown.  Starting to sense a pattern here!  My whole bag had neutral, yet complimentary shades but I can't complain as they're all so pretty.  This was long lasting, but I found it to be too drying, and for that reason I wouldn't buy again.

4.) NoTS 28 Remedy Balancing Toner
Toner isn't a product that's part of my normal skincare routine but I know those who use it love it.  I was happy to see this sample as part of my bag so I could try something new.  I used it after washing my face, and it definitely made my skin feel fresher and controlled oil production (so this is great for oily or combination skin!)  The full size product is a little more than I would spend, but I would definitely consider adding a toner to my collection!

5.) Organic Surge Hand & Nail Cream in Lavender Meadow
I'm always up for trying new lotions, and this one smells like something you would find in a spa.  I loved the scent!  It's also a light moisturizer, which I like.  The best part is that this is made with all natural ingredients!  I've already added this to my handbag for daily use.

Overall I liked this month's collection of goodies even though I wasn't all that impressed initially.  Everything was packaged in another cute bag.  I've already seen next month's products, and it seems like one of the best collections I've gotten so far and I can't wait to share it with you!

Since I've been so behind on my Ipsy reviews, here was my February bag.  Loved the Ciate polish and BellaPierre Blush the best!