Today we're talking skincare...more specifically, the most moisturizing masks ever!!  When Masks is a Koran skincare brand known for making "coconut jelly masks."  This mask trend has recently gotten more popular in the US and is definitely unlike anything I've tried before!

What are these When Masks?
When masks are made with bio-cellulose, a thin sheet of material made from coconuts.  This gentle sheet effectively deposits nutrients to the skin at a deeper level.  Bonus, these sheets are eco-friendly, making it great for skin and the environment!

What makes When different from other masks?
These presoaked masks contain a significant amount of nutrients for the skin.  They are so effective because of the close contact between the mask and the skin which traps the formula so that the skin has to absorb it.  The masks stay on for about 30 minutes for maximum results.  The bio-cellulose is so gentle and can be used on most skin types.

Aside from the longer wait time, this is a low maintenance treatment.   After removing the mask, you rub in any remaining liquid so there's no need to wash up.  I actually prefer that because I don't have to moisturize after my mask like I usually do.   Less materials, less work...I love it.

What types of masks are available?
There are 5 different masks currently:

  • Snow Magic to brighten skin
  • Glamour Base (Makeup Base) to prepare your skin
  • TravelMate to refresh skin
  • 10:00PM to replenish skin
  • The Last Choice to hydrate skin

Where can you get When?
These masks can be found in a few stores, including Sephora, Birchbox and Anthropologie!

I received three different samples, but tried the Glamour Base mask first.  I won't scare you with photos of the mask on (believe me, it wasn't pretty!) but the results were well worth the experimentation!  I had a little trouble keeping the mask in place-the edges kept peeling away from my chin which didn't help with absorption.  The formula is also very cold, so I wouldn't recommend using on a cold day.  But boy does this mask pack a punch of moisture which my face needed after this late season cold spell.  It will take a few more tries to get this right as the mask didn't stay on tight near my chin, but my skin feels energized and ready to take on the remainder of the week.  The jelly was

Be sure to give When Masks a try and I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!

Thanks to When Masks and Brandbacker for these samples in exchange for a review.  All opinions shared above are my own.