Aquation Moisturizing Cream, Daily Moisturizing Lotion, & Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser c/o 

Taking care of your skin is something that happens year round.  While cold winter air may be more drying and uncomfortable, it's important to stay moisturized during the summer as well.  Recently I was lucky enough to test the new Aquation Moisturizing skincare line, which is perfect for all seasons.
Moisturizing Cream
I really loved the formula of the moisturizing cream!  It went on so smooth and was easy to spread (which is unlike traditional creams that to me seem to have a thicker formula.)  As soon as I used this, I could instantly see my skin look more healthy and hydrated.

Daily Moisturizing Lotion
This moisturizing lotion was very similar to the cream in terms of results, but the formula was much more lightweight.  This is a great option for summer, or if you just prefer this consistency!  The lotion was very moisturizing and the results were immediate!  This can be used on the face and body.

Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser
I'm always wary of cleansers that double as a face wash and a body wash.  However, I used this on my face and I really liked the way this removed the dirt and oils gently without leaving my face feeling dry.  Of course I always follow up with a face moisturizer after, but this cleanser didn't make my face uncomfortable which I really appreciated!

Why Use Aquation?
  1. 24 hour hydration!
  2. Comprised of ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which deliver instant moisture and creates a barrier to prevent moisture loss!
  3. Goes on smooth and with no greasy feel!
  4. Unscented!
  5. Soothes itch and irritations!
There are so many reasons why I loved my experience with Aquation.  The products live up to their name in terms of how moisturizing they were.  The products are perfect for all year so no need to stock up on many different products.  These bottles were so generous in size and a great value for the price.  I also like how these have a pump, which makes it easy to use the product.  And finally, I think the bottles and design are sleek and spa-like!

The Aquation Skincare line can now be found at Walmart.  For a limited time, be sure to print your special offer here to save money on your purchase!

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Thanks to Aquation and Brandbacker for providing these samples in exchange for a review.  All opinions shared above are my own.