(Left to right) The Multistick by Bite Beauty in Blondie, Macaroon, and Cocoa, c/o 
A few months ago, I tested out lipsticks from Bite Beauty, my very first experience with the brand (check out that review here!)  I fell in love with the brand immediately, so I was so excited to test out these new Multisticks!  These Multisticks are meant to be used on eyes, cheeks and lips, hence the name!
Macaroon was my favorite of the three shades!  The rosy pink worked well on lips and cheeks as seen here (I did keep it light on the color, but you can definitely build on as needed!)
Blondie was a pretty nude shade, but I felt like it did nothing for me.  I only used it on my lips here and wouldn't be able to use it on my cheeks or eyes.
Cocoa was the color I was most excited to try as I love shades of brown, but I feel like this is a little too dark.  I would definitely use this as a highlighter though, or maybe on my lips again if I'm feeling bold this fall!

While not all of these colors worked for me because of my skintone, I love the concept behind the Multistick.  I definitely recommend the pink shades; I found Macaroon to be more multipurpose as I could use it for both lips and cheeks.  I loved the how easy it was to blend the product, the color payoff, and the slight matte finish.  I would not use these as eyeshadows-I just don't like the consistency for that.  I also love the sleek packing that is signature of the Bite Beauty brand!

Once you find the color that works for your skintone, this will be your go-to product!  Whether you prefer pinks or reds, browns or purples, with 18 colors to choose from there is a color for everyone!

I received these products from Bite Beauty and Influenster in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions shared above are my own!