Who doesn't love having hair with a perfect curl!  Curls add dimension and volume, but for many of us it's hard to achieve that look without going to a salon.  Well, I've found a way to get that salon look in the comfort of your own home.  Today I'm excited to share a handy hair tool that every gal should own - the Tyme Iron!  I kept seeing ads for it everywhere and wanted to know if it actually worked.  Spoiler...it does!  

Before using it, I watched a lot of tutorials (check out this and this first) and even had a one-on-one FaceTime session with a Tyme stylist!  The session was really helpful because I got real time help on my technique.  

Before and After with Tyme Iron 

Clearly you can see from the before and after photos that the Tyme Iron actually curls hair beautifully!  It takes practice, but it works.  I'm not sharing a tutorial on how the iron works since there are numerous videos out there, but I do want to share some tips on making it easier to use.

Tips For Using Tyme Iron
  • The best time to curl hair is the day after washing your hair!
  • Be sure to practice the angles while the heat is OFF!  It takes a while to get used to the tool!
  • Make sure you're twisting the iron, not your wrist!  (It takes a lot of practice!)
  • Use a heat protectant and be sure to brush to each section before curling (to smooth it and get out any knots!)
  • Section your hair into smaller pieces for maximum curl!  It's also easier to control the iron.
  • Don't get too close to the root.  Starting midway makes the curl look more natural.
  • Once your hair is between the plates, pull gently.  Pull too hard and you may straighten your hair!
  • By angling your Tyme Iron at different degrees, you affect the shape of the curl.  It's best to start with a 45 degree angle.  (once I perfect the 45 degree angle, I'll be trying some other variations!)

If you do some research, you'll see quite a few negative reviews by people who don't get the technique right away.  Don't let that discourage you from trying the Tyme Iron.  As I mentioned above, I still need a lot of practice to get the technique right.  My hair also had a bit too much product/oils, so next time I'll try after I wash my hair.

Stay tuned for another post featuring some style inspirations with my favorite hair accessories!    

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Thanks to Tyme Iron for providing a complimentary iron for testing purposes.  All opinions shared above are my own.