If there's one meal I ALWAYS look forward to, it's brunch.  When I was invited to check out Spin Philly and sample some of their bunch offerings, of course I had to check it out (to report back here of course!)  Spin is a fun event venue with ping pong tables, lounge areas/restaurant seating and amazing artwork created by local artists.

Look at that delicious menu!  But more to come on that below...

The only way to start off a brunch is with a drink.  Spin had an amazing make your own Bloody Mary bar with all the fixings!

Ok, let's take a closer look at some of my favorite dishes of the day...

Cap'n Crunch French Toast
This was by far my favorite dish.  I'm a sucker for sweet brunch foods and french toast ranks high on my list.  This was so tasty without being overly sweet.  This french toast is a Spin speciality and was a big hit among the group.  I highly recommend this.

Staying with the sweet brunch dishes, I loved these little bites.  I can't find them on the menu, but I hope they offer them because I'd love to get these again.

Eggs...cheese...mushrooms...more cheese...what else could you want?  This Fritatta was delish!

Rock Shrimp
This is always one of my go-to dishes.  Nothing unique or special, but still very good.

No blogger event is complete without a few photo opps, especially among the really cool artwork!

Cheers to conquering brunch!  I'm already looking forward to the next one!