Since I'm so short, it's rare that you'll find me not wearing a heel.  But with heels also comes the pain - and it doesn't matter how high the heel.  Luckily I've been testing out Sole Serum,  a quick acting pain reliever that features ingredients like Lidocaine, lavender oil and peppermint oil.

How do you use it?  All it takes is 2-3 pumps per foot concentrating on the painful areas and you let it the lotion dry before putting shoes back on.  This lotion has a great consistency that's easy to spread and the essential oils smell nice.  And because the packaging is purse friendly, I can carry it with me anytime I'm on the run.

I wish I had this on my recent trip to NYC where I had my heels on for 3 days straight, but so far it's been great for the short distances I've been traveling/standing on foot.  I'll have to do a proper test my next long weekend.

If you need any other reasons to love Sole Serum, this graphic sums it up best!
Now let's get on to some shoes!  I recently talked about some of these styles in a recent visit to Benjamin Lovell Shoes (read that post here.)  I've picked up some great options lately at other places as well.  Here are some current styles to add to your closet this season...

3 Types of Shoes To Purchase This Summer

This is a new style for me but I'm loving how easy breezy this style is.  I recently snagged 2 pairs on sale at Target to give them a try, but I think I'm a fan.

There's no question that heeled sandals are a summer staple.  I love them with denim, dresses and everything in between!  I'm especially loving fun prints and the next pair I get will be a white pair!

My newest obsession.  These are more comfy than wedges (in my opinion) and again, are perfect for casual outfits!

Now that I've found all these cute options, I'm off to find more additions to my wardrobe.