One of my favorite pastimes is shopping - but when shopping involves trying on ALL the shoes, it makes it all the better.  When Ben Lovell Shoes invited me to check out the new selection of summer footwear, I knew I was in for a treat.  Keep reading for my favorite trends I spotted at Ben Lovell!

But before we get to the shoes, how beautiful is this new storefront in Rittenhouse!  I had stopped by the old location last year (check out that post here) and really loved the new modern update and the great decor.
From the minute you walk into any Benjamin Lovell location, you're treated to a unique shoe shopping experience.  In fact, you don't start trying anything on until you've gotten a proper fitting.  I had a full fitting the last time I stopped in, but the staff likes to measure at least one foot during each visit to ensure the best fitting shoes.

After getting measured, it was time to try on shoes.  I already had my eye on some pairs after browsing through the selections on display, and Dave brought some other pairs that I would have NEVER picked for myself but of course fell in love with.  I learned an important lesson ladies - keep an open mind and always try on the shoe!

Now on to the shoes... Here are some trends that I tried and am looking forward to styling this season!

5 Shoe Trends To Try This Summer

  • Metallics - Metallic is the new neutral (at least in my mind!)  Metallic shades like gold, silver, and rose gold match anything and everything.  I saw a lot of metallic shoes and details in store.  

  • Flatforms - As someone who doesn't wear high heels or wedges as much any more, flatforms are my new obsession.  They are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down.  Is there any surprise that I snagged two pairs of flatforms during my visit?!

  • Whites - I am obsessed with white shoes this year.  We've carried the super popular trend of white booties into summer and I can't get enough.  I'm also loving white detailing, like the ones on the shoes above.

  • Colorblocking - I noticed a few color blocking options, but I was drawn to this pair featuring all my favorite neutrals in one shoe.  This pair will match almost everything in your wardrobe!

  • Fancy Sneakers/Loafers - This is so not me but I immediately noticed these pairs of shoes that would be so fun to style!  As I've mentioned, my new styling go-to is pairing sneakers with dresses! 

I even tried my first pair of Birkenstocks.  They had a great selection if you're a fan, but I especially loved this rose gold version.  Maybe I'll get a pair the next time I stop in.
I snagged a pair of Gabor flatforms, which I'm obsessed with (already styled them here) as well as the  Waldlaufer Marigold flatforms which are quickly becoming a summer staple.  They will be making an appearance on the blog soon, don't worry.  Did I mention that I'm obsessed with flatforms right now?!

If you're in the Philly area and haven't stopped by Benjamin Lovell Shoes yet, I highly recommend it.  Which summer shoe style are you most excited to wear?

Thanks to Ben Lovell shoes for hosting me and providing me with shoes.  All opinions shared above are my own.