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Something I've really gotten into perfecting (partly thanks to my last job in the beauty industry) is my skincare routine.  I truly enjoy the ritual of getting ready in the morning and finishing out the day before bed.  I have two separate routines and I will be sharing more about them in the next few weeks, but there is one new-to-me product in particular that I've enjoyed trying out these past few weeks - the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask.

You may be questioning what this eye mask is all about - and don't worry because I did too.   The VII Eye Masks are little pads fit right under your eyes and are meant to be worn for 8 hours (a full night's sleep.)  Filled with potent antioxidants that work overnight, these pads will help minimize wrinkles/fine lines and the under eye area will be refreshed and moisturized.  While I am fortunate to not suffer from fine lines, I'm a true believer that it's NEVER too early to begin an anti-aging regimen.

For $55, you receive a set of 6 masks, to be used 2 to 3 times a week.  VIIcode suggests a series of full course series of 3 boxes (18 masks) for best results.
So now that you know more about the eye mask themselves, I want to share more about my experience with them.  The masks are pretty easy to use.  All you have to do is cleanse your face and apply the masks, so that is exactly what I did!  The first time I put them on, I was confused about where they went, even with the diagram.
Pro tip:  Don't apply these too close to the lower lash!

In all honestly I am not the hugest fan of sheet masks, so I was worried about how this would feel.  But it actually didn't bother me too much, especially because the masks are soaked with formula and don't move around once they are on the eyes.  It was definitely a strange feeling at first - cold and tingly - but you get used to them over time.  They also have a light scent which you can definitely smell all night.

As I mentioned above, as someone who doesn't have fine lines it may not seem like an obvious change.  But I am a night owl and tend not to be as well rested as I want on weekdays.  These masks help me feel refreshed and minimize any bags I may get due to not sleeping well (which I need to work on!)
It truly feels like a mini-spa treatment that I can do in the privacy of my own home.  Ladies, self-care is so important and treatments like the VIIcode Eye Masks are pampering but serve an important purpose for all of us who are always on the go.

Pro Tip: Put the masks in the fridge prior to using for more of a cooling sensation. 

Would you give these eye masks a try?