Finding a forever nail spot has proven nearly impossible...until now. I have been to so many places in search of the perfect manicure in Philly. Even manicures from places with stellar reviews would chip within 3 days - and I'm talking regular AND gel manicures!

When Mi Cumbia reached out to try their services, the answer was an immediate yes. I had seen Mi Cumbia, an organic nail salon, in passing and was always curious to try them because of their commitment to using non-toxic products and their great reviews.
Booking an appointment was so easy, and everything was done quickly through text. From my first interaction, they were so friendly and accommodating so I knew I was in good hands.
Because of my issues with gel nails lasting, I chose to try the Shellac Manicure to see how that would compare. However they had an excellent selection of regular polishes, including shades from some of my favorite brands like Zoya. I usually expect a smaller section for other manicures but they had a pretty good selection of shellac shades as well.

In case you're wondering, like me, Shellac is similar to a gel manicure, but is a semi-permanent polish. It's thinner than gel and lasts 2 weeks, whereas gel is *supposed* to last up to 3 weeks. Shellac is said to be easier to remove (I'll comment on that when the time comes!) and is less harmful to the nail. I wanted to also note that Shellac does not have a non-toxic option at the moment.
My manicurist was Rosa who was so friendly and she did an amazing job. She took her time and was thorough with all parts of the manicure. One of the things I hate is when the experience is rushed, and my Mi Cumbia manicure was nothing like that. I really appreciated the little touches, like the mango butter with lavender that was used during the hand massage.
Something else that was included with the service was coffee or tea. I'm not usually a coffee drinker but this Columbian coffee was some of the best coffee I've ever had. Again, these little touches all add up and make a huge difference. The space itself was also very cute and had a relaxing vibe.
I chose to write my review 10 days after my appointment to see how my manicure held up....and it's perfect. Not one chip, crack, nothing except for the little bits of nail growth that can't be avoided. I'm shocked at how well this manicure has held up. A Salinas manicura (regular manicure) is $41 and the Shellac manicura is $44 (and worth every penny!) I cannot wait to try the pedicure next. The salon also offers waxing services which I'll have to check out as well.

This is one hidden gem that I can't wait to tell everyone about! Learn more about Mi Cumbia and their offerings here.

Special thanks to Mi Cumbia for the complimentary service. All opinions shared above are my own.