This post is sponsored by Riovea. All opinions shared below are my own. 

The number one benefit I look for in a skincare routine is glowing skin. There's something about a glow that makes my skin feel healthy and fresh.

I was recently introduced to Riovea, a J-Beauty brand (from Japan) that uses real ingredients in their formulas. That is right up my alley so I knew I wanted to learn more. The line I tried is the Illuminating Series, which of course is known for brightening.

The Riovea products I tried included the Illuminating Cleanser, Illuminating Toner, Illuminating Serum and Illuminating Cream. This set worked together using the "TrioActive Formula", a combination of medicinal plants like neem that contain a variety of amazing benefits. Aside from skin brightening, this collection helps with anti-aging, smoothing and softening skin, reducing pore size, protecting skin from free radicals and against everyday environmental stress and more.

I loved how gentle this collection was on my skin. I could see my skin looking brighter just after a few uses, but the effects were more prominent the more I used it. I liked that these products, especially the Cleanser, did not dry out my skin. I hate the feeling of dry skin after washing (which is not the sign of a good product!) Everything absorbed quickly into my skin and there was no greasy feel. This collection is also unscented which is a nice benefit for those who prefer that, or tend to have allergic reactions.

The order that I used this set in was first starting out with the Cleanser (but make note to remove any makeup prior to using as this is not a makeup remover), followed by the Toner, Serum and Moisturizer. I wait a few minutes for each product to dry and soak into my skin before moving to the next step.

The line is cruelty free and made with clean ingredients (and comes in at 95% natural!) I appreciate that each product lists out the percentage of natural products, so it's very clear how important that is!

The packaging is also sleek and elegant, which is a perfect fit for the line! I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.

This was my first introduction to J-Beauty. So far I'm a fan of what I see and I will be on the lookout for other brands! Have your tried Riovea or any other J-Beauty brands? Please let me know your thoughts and any recommendations!