I'm going back into the archives for this post which was never shared here on the blog, but what hasn't changed is that yellow is still one of my favorite colors to wear, especially this time of year. It's such a cheerful color and something that makes me smile. And right now, while even though we're taking baby steps to get back to "normalcy", there are still a lot of questions out there, so if it's the little things that make me smile, I'll be focusing more on those! Keep reading for a few ways to incorporate a little joy into your day.
Dress (old, similar here and scroll down for more yellow dress options) | Clogs c/o Ben Lovell Shoes (also found here) | Headband | Earrings | Bag (old)

Photos taken by Audrey | Breakfast at Audrey's

But while we're still on the topic of fashion, other details that I'm loving are ruffles and floral prints. Some things never change!

Ruffles are having a moment right now and I'm all for it. They add a playful little detail, but it's best to keep accessorizing to a minimum!
Can't forget my favorite accessory, a headband! I keep finding the cutest headbands out there and I'm definitely having more fun with styling ideas (stay tuned for more hair styling posts!)

My hoops are less than $3 and they are one of my favorite pairs. It's the perfect blend of a classic and statement piece and I wear it with everything.

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So how about those little things to bring a little joy to your day... These many seem like obvious suggestions, but it's just a reminder to do the things you enjoy or take some time out of the day for self-care.

10 Ways to Spark Joy While In Quarantine

Treat yourself to your favorite snack - let's be honest, many of us have turned to snacking/baking/cooking more during quarantine. Even if you are trying to stay healthy like me, it won't hurt to indulge in a little treat.

Relax with a face mask or bath - there's nothing like a little me-time during a busy day to reset and recharge. Even 10 minutes can work wonders.

Watch your favorite movie or TV show - My go-to binges include comedies or rom coms because laughter is the best medicine, right! I'm making a list of binge-worthy shows so stay tuned for that. Also taking new suggestions...

Get dressed up for no reason - Now that restrictions are being relaxed, people are starting to venture out. But many of us are still waiting for things to clear a little further, so we're still hunkering down at home. Why not skip the loungewear and dress up in something you haven't worn in a while?

Track your gratitude - Despite the fact that I have a blog, I've never been much of a journaler. But, after looking for ways to keep quarantine anxiety in check, I discovered the Shine app. Shine has a great selection of daily meditations (both free and paid) but also offers the opportunity to check in and write down what you're grateful for each day.

Spray an uplifting scent - I recently discovered a new-to-me perfume, Chloe L'Eau, while browsing in Sephora before quarantine began. It's a combination of floral and citrus scents, my absolute favorites! While there are a lot of perfumes I enjoy, this one actually made me smile so I ended up recently purchasing a bottle. So find that scent that makes you smile and spritz away, even if you're just at home!

Take a walk - WFH and quarantine has really messed up my workout schedule. Even in the office, I had reasons to regularly get up and walk around so I wasn't sitting all day. Taking a 30 minute walk has helped clear my head and helped me stay active.

Try a new hobby - There's been quite a few quarantine challenges floating around these past few weeks. Between the tie-dying, whipped coffee craze and many more, there's something for everyone. Have you tried any of them?

Foster a pet - Having a pet at home has been such a treat. I sometimes refer to my cat as a therapy cat! But she is the best distraction, so if you have a pet, make sure to spend some time with them. If you can foster a pet, that's a great option as well while we're still at home.

Check in on your friends - I'll be the first to admit that I haven't done a great job of picking up the phone. But I've had a few Zoom/FaceTime/HouseParty chats with my friends throughout quarantine and it's been great to see them "in person." Will have to increase up my phone chats to check in on everyone.
Please let me know how you're staying sane, and if your city has opened up, what is the first thing you've done since quarantine!