It took some restraint to wait until November to start watching holiday movies, but I held on knowing the list of movies to be released this year! 

I don't have cable, but I do use streaming to keep up with my movie needs! I'm slightly jealous of anyone who has the 25 Days of Christmas, but for those like me who stick to streaming, here's a list of what to look out for! My new for 2020 list focuses on Netflix as that is what I was most excited for, but scroll for a few classics that can be viewed on other streaming sites.

Netflix New For 2020

Jingle Jangle 

Jeroncius Jangle is a legendary toy-maker who gets swindled by his apprentice. It's up to his granddaughter to save Christmas! This is one that I was excited to see and it did not disappoint! It's a heart-warming musical that is good for the whole family.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again 

I loved the first one and was looking forward to this sequel as well! This time, Vanessa Hudgens takes on 3 roles, Duchess Margaret, Princess Stacey and trouble-making cousin Fiona. If you enjoyed the first movie, definitely add this to your queue!

Christmas Chronicles 2

Here we have another sequel to a movie that I enjoyed! Kate is back to help Santa save Christmas once again, this time from a naughty elf. I thought this was an enjoyable watch as well.


Based on this cast, I had high hopes for Holdidate, but overall the movie was underwhelming. It's a cute rom-com featuring two holiday haters who act as each others' dates for holiday gatherings. with a Christmas twist, but not something I'll be binging every season.

A California Christmas

This movie was a bit of a disappointment. It's very much a Hallmark-esque movie that takes place on a Cali ranch. In order to impress his mother, a wealthy player goes undercover as a farm hand to convince a farm owner to sell her land by Christmas.

Operation Christmas Drop

Another one of Netflix's cheesy rom-com holiday picks, but it is based on the true US Air Force program of delivering gifts and supplies to islands around Guam so I enjoyed that aspect of the movie.  Operation Chrismas Drop features a love story, of course, and the chance that the military base would be unfunded without a Christmas miracle.

These are just some of the movies and holiday programming available on Netflix, but there is a large selection both new for 2020 and older picks. And honestly, I don't regret watching any of the above, but definitely liked some better than others.

However, my tried and true holiday selection never steers me wrong and yes, I may have already watched them all already!

Tried and True Classics

Home Alone (Disney +)

Hands down my favorite Christmas duo (yes, I love 1 and 2!)

Santa Clause Series (Disney +)

This trilogy never gets old and I've already seen it this season and may have one more marathon left in me!

Grinch (Netflix)

This is another holiday classic, and whether you're into the human version or the animated version, you can get your Grinch fix on Netflix!

I saw a friend post this earlier, and I thought it would be fun to end this movie post with this difficult question. I'm a 3, 7, 9, what about you?