Taking care of your skin is so important.  As much as I want to follow a routine, there are nights where I can't bring myself to wash my face (bad habit!)  I did a little research on skin tips and am sharing some of my favorites here, along with some reviews of InstaNatural products I was able to sample.

1.) Wash Your Face Twice a Day!
I've only ever washed my face in the morning and at night, and you shouldn't wash your face more than twice a day.  I have oily/combination skin, and it's actually better to not wash too much as that makes you produce more oils!  And always have wipes around just in case you can't get to washing that face after a long night (I'm really loving the CVS Night Time Cleansing Cloths right now!)

2.) Adjust Water Temperature When Washing Your Face!
I always wonder if temperature affects washing.  In the case of your face, it does!  You shouldn't use too cold (doesn't open pores) or too hot (can dehydrate your skin.)  Your best bet is to use lukewarm water!

3.) Pamper Yourself with a Weekly Face Mask!
A weekly mask is one of my favorite things!  I love how fresh and pampered my face feels after using a mask.  As someone who has oil prone skin, a weekly mask can help reduce oil and freshen up my face.

Recently I was able to try Instanatural's Dead Sea Mud Mask.  There were so many pros to this mask-no scent was definitely a big one for me.  I've never tried a mud mask, but I can imagine that they don't smell good!  I also loved that it removed the oil and impurities without drying my face out too much (of course I always moisturize after-see step #5!)  All of the ingredients found in this mask are ones that I recognize-and they are all natural!  When I applied the mask, I felt some cooling as it dried, but it also itched as it dried, and I didn't like the itching!  Luckily, that happened right before I washed off the mask, so it was bearable!

4.) Remove Your Makeup at the End of Each Day!
This is my downfall.  I love putting makeup on, but I hate taking it off.  I've found that Argan Oil gets rid of hard to remove makeup quickly and gently!  Check out my review on Argan Oil here!

5.) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!
What more is there to say?  It's so important to moisturize, especially during the winter for me.

I was also able to try some of InstaNatural's Retinol products, including the Retinol Moisturizing Cream and the Age Defying Retinol Serum.  I find the cream to be very moisturizing and I love the way it spreads so smooth!  A tip, you should use something with SPF if you use this particular cream if you go outside as retinol doesn't protect you from the sun!  Fortunately I don't have to worry about wrinkles quite yet (I guess it's never too early to start prevention!), but I like that these products also target uneven skin and texture!  The serum was really a winner for me.  I loved the consistency of it as it spread evenly and I liked the hint of citrus!  I like to use the Retinol line during the night.  I feel like my skin is glowing and feels so much healthier with the help of InstaNatural!

I had another fantastic experience with InstaNatural.  Their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy allows you to try the products without fearing about the results!  Not to mention that everything they use is all natural-I'm really loving everything this company makes!

* The InstaNatural products above were complimentary from the company through Brandbacker.  All opinions are my own.