When it comes to clothing, an element of surprise can be refreshing.  That's why I love trying out subscription boxes.  I've been a fan of Golden Tote, but there are so many other sites out there.  Recently I've been testing out a few other clothing subscription sites, and while all have their appeal, there's one site that I keep gravitating towards - Moxie Style!  What makes Moxie different from others is the owner's honesty and transparency about the products and the stellar customer service!  She also has the best prices around.  You can check out some reviews on products I've received here, here, and here.

Something that Moxie recently offered was the FAME tote.  Moxie compiled a variety of items that we could vote on, and we were sent items from what we selected.  The process started in August and I received my tote in September; you can take a peek of the items I received below!  I choose the 4 item tote for $79 and received 2 dresses, a sweater and a tank.
From the quick snapshot of what I received, I seem to have a neutral color scheme going on, which is very unlike me!  But I received some quality items that I really like!  3 of the 4 items I voted on, but the floral tank was not one of my picks.  It was an adorable tank, and I usually love floral prints, but this particular tank just seemed boxy on me.  Most subscriptions are an all or nothing package.  If you don't like one item-you most likely have to return the entire thing.  Not so with Moxie.  For this FAME, they offered a trade in opportunity, and I was able to trade in the floral tank for the pocket cardi in black (seen in gray above) which was one of my initial requests!  I just received it this weekend and can't wait to wear it.
Since I've only styled the gray sweater, you'll be sure to see the other items here in coming weeks!

Moxie has so much going on that it can be confusing at times.  The best thing to do is to join the Facebook group and read the various posts to keep up!  Facebook is also how you'll find out about all the special sales and the newest items!  Regardless, you can be sure of getting quality clothes at a great deal anytime you purchase from Moxie!