I think this illustration from B. Joyful Illustrations summarizes today's sale pretty well!  Refreshing the page at 8am still put me in line behind thousands and thousands of people.  I didn't get onto the Lilly website for almost 3 hours.  Luckily I did some backup shopping at Amazon and 6pm.com (amazing prices, newer items on sale and an extra coupon code on top of everything = jackpot!!!)  I also picked up some items at a signature store.  I'm so happy with my haul; I got many items that I really wanted along with some impulse buys that I hope work out!

Here's my haul.....
Anne Trapeze Dress | Cove Dress (still available in this color way) | Pixie Tank (all sizes available!)  |  Coral Tank (all sizes and only $29!) | Harper Dress | Kyla Romper | Marlowe Dress | Marlowe DressCathy ShiftClara Dress (all sizes still available!) 

Lots of great things still available, so keep checking back.  I have picked up new items on day 2, just sayin!  In looking at my recap,  I have to put my wallet away now.  But I would love to hear what you scored in the sale below!