A few weeks ago, bloggy babe Melissa of Skinny Affair and I headed over to Jerry's Bar to try out a new event called Plant Nite.  You may recall my post about Painting With A Twist from a few months ago, so I was very intrigued about this new craft offering.  Plant Nite is similar in that you gather a group of friends, have some drinks, and make a craft to take home. 
I can't say I have much of a green thumb, but luckily this class is designed for gardeners of all levels!  The instructor made it easy to follow along.  The first step, and maybe the hardest, was to decide which container to use.  I made the first terrarium in a glass bowl and the second in a long wood planter!

I won't go into step-by-step directions of making the terrarium (gotta leave some magic for the class!)  But customizing each terrarium was one of the most fun parts.  We got to pick out which succulents we wanted, the decor (pretty stones, colored moss, figurines, etc.) and how we wanted to arrange everything.
Keep scrolling for the after!
Check out that handiwork!  
Succulent #1
Succulent #2
It took two tries to "perfect" my succulent planting skills.  I  crammed way too much into the first one, but oh well!  I still love it and luckily they are still holding on after a few weeks.  I can't wait to try Plant Nite again with even more friends (I'm already coming up with new ideas!)

The next time you're looking for an hands-on activity to do with friends, I highly recommend giving Plant Nite a try!  And if there's one more recommendation I can make, just try the Lavender Moon cocktail at Jerry's - you'll thank me later!

This is sponsored by Plant Nite.  A huge thank you to Plant Nite for inviting me to experience the event to share with you guys here on the blog!