Changing habits is NOT easy.  I'll be honest - I started 2019 with visions of eating healthier and going to the gym way more than has actually happened in the last 2 weeks.  Last week I was invited to an event hosted by Change Bites author, Marissa Costonis, and I was curious to hear what tips Marissa had for creating a healthier lifestyle.
This first tip I'll share is that fresh juices make a great mixer for cocktails! Yum!
What I liked about Marissa's advice was that change doesn't happen tomorrow.  It takes time to change habits and she shared ways to ease into that mindset.  Another tip I'll leave here is more action, less talk.  If you're serious about making change, it's best to just go about making it happen rather than just talking or thinking about it.  She lists how to do this and more in her book, which I've been going through!
The event was held at P.S. & Co, Philly's only vegan, organic and gluten-free restaurant which also piqued my interest!  Every single thing I tried was amazing.  However my favorites were the Organic Imperial Rolls, Organic Salt Baked Cauliflower Meatball Pizza and the Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie and I cannot wait to go back for them!
Tulum (green) and Mohegan (red) fresh juices - both were delish but I loved the spicy kick of the Mohegan
Organic Avocado Nori Rolls - any sushi lover would love this vegan alternative
Organic Imperial Rolls - this was my favorite dish of the night! Cannot say enough about how relish these egg rolls are! 
Organic Cheese Board - If you want to give vegan cheese a try, this is the place to go!
Organic Veracruz Tacos, Organic Japanese Sweet Potato Fries and Organic Salt Baked Cauliflower Meatball Pizza - the pizza was so so good! I was a fan of the mushroom meatball and the gluten-free sweet potato millet crust!

One thing I took away from both Marissa and P.S. & Co is adding more veggies into my diet.  While I do incorporate veggies into my meals, I'm inspired to find new recipes like the ones I tried at dinner.  I would love to know your healthy living tips or goals!

Thank you to Marissa Costonis for having me at her event.  All opinions shared above are my own!