It's that time of year - the Philly Flower Show is back in town! This is my fifth year attending and this  past weekend, I got a peek at what makes this show so special.

First off, the theme, Riviera Holiday, immediately piqued my interest. But once I walked though the exhibit floor, I could see how the experience is reminiscent of a European vacation. The displays are understated, whereas in previous years the main exhibits were over the top and flashier. I personally loved the elegant and minimalist designs of Riviera Holiday.

Once you get over the smaller main exhibits and floor space, you can truly appreciate the thought that went into putting this show together. Something that was new this year was the use of scent in the displays. Near the front of the exhibit hall was a beautiful walkway, but the joyful and refreshing citrus scent is what really drew me in. In fact, the use of citrus elements throughout the show was a win for me!
One of my favorites displays was "La strade della Cinque Terre." This colorful design is inspired by ancient Italian fisherman who painted their homes in bold colors. Cinque Terre is at the top of my list of places to visit someday.
Another draw was the display created in memory of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, one of Philly's own celebrities! Included was the replica of her wedding dress as well as 3,000 roses, Grace Kelly's favorite flower, along with other memorabilia!

A theme that was more prevalent throughout the show this year was sustainability. One exhibit in particular, The Lemonary, was created with sustainability in mind and elements of the display will also be reused in PHS gardens around Philadelphia once the show is over.
I particularly loved the nods to art, such as in these displays, as well.

Every display and exhibit at the Flower Show is part of a competition. PHS offers classes like art made from pressed flowers, and the creations made by these artists are also on display. It's amazing to see what they came up with and it's inspired me to take a class like that in the future.
This year's show highlights a different side of floral design and landscape architecture. I was in awe of the beautiful creations on display and the whole experience reminded me of how much I want to go on a European holiday.

If you get a chance to visit this year's PHS Flower Show, I highly recommend checking it out. The show runs until March 8 and all information, such as hours and ticket prices, can be found on their website.

Special thanks to PHS for inviting me to preview the Flower Show. All opinions shared above are my own.