Happy National Lipstick Day! There's a celebration for everything these days it seems, but I am happily celebrating a product that hasn't gotten much use these quarantine days. In the past, I wouldn't have considered myself the biggest lipstick fan (I've always been drawn to mascara/lashes.) But these days I love how a splash of lipstick can make you feel so put together.

So today, I wanted to share a roundup of some of my favorite brands lipsticks that I've discovered over the years. There are a lot of factors that I look for, including shade, pigmentation, ingredients, how long it lasts, scent and even packaging!

Mood Matcher
The weekend before quarantine began was my last adventure in the real world. I attended an event hosted by Mood Matcher, which was my first introduction to the brand. At that event, I discovered my new favorite nude power combo, the Matte Lip Pencil in Mauve and the Lacquer Gloss in I'm Barely Exposed. This is my go-to when I don't want color, but I want to look polished.

Bite Beauty
Over the years, I've tried quite a few Bite Beauty products and they consistently are a hit for me. I love their clean formulas and their range of shades. This was one of my favorite lipsticks that was discontinued, but they have a beautiful range of lip crayons.

This is a brand that I was introduced to a few years ago and I tried out two of their Idyllic Soft Satin Lipsticks (see the full review about this brand here.) In the middle here is shade Wine Divine which is one of my favorite rosy shades, and on the right is Bare Chic, a pretty nude pink. Ga-De also has new products since my last post and I cannot wait to check them out.


Lately, I've been loving Clarins Lip Oils, some of which do leave a splash of color. But they also have lipsticks, and I especially loved this plum shade that faded into a pretty lip stain. When it comes to darker shades, this is always a worry since I can't always reapply.

I love NYX for their wide range of products and shades, as well as their affordable prices. You can pretty much find any color you're looking for within the NYX line! I love their matte liquid lipsticks, which are a little on the drying side, but the shades are so pretty. The Lip Butters are great too!

And I started this post with a lippie crayon from Maybelline in a beautiful brick red, a color obsession from the fall that I've been holding onto. Maybelline is another of those brands that has such a wide range of product and I've loved everything I've tried.

I touched on some of my go-to shades, but I'll have to work on another post about lip color shades and how to pick out colors that work for your skin tone! Until then, I'd love to know what your favorite lippie brands are!